What Is Reconstructive Rhinoplasty

When it comes to good looks, the younger generation is pretty much obsessed by it and rightly so as they are inspired by the glamorous film stars they see on TV every day and can’t stop gushing over their pretty features and flawless skin but very few people understand the technique of plastic surgery or Rhinoplasty or centers like Anand Medical Spa and today we shall look into the latter that involves facial and nose reconstruction.

There is a difference between reconstructive rhinoplasty and the purely cosmetic nose job. A reconstructive nose job can correct problems with breathing and airway passages caused by anatomical defects. There are various ways a person can develop problems breathing due to obstruction of the nasal pathways such as injuries relating from sports or other activities that can cause breaks or damage to tissue.

The Diagnosis

Before the procedure the patient will be put through a thorough medical examination to determine the cause of the problem and possible solutions will be devised. Some of the more common conditions include abnormal cartilage growth, crooked septum or tissue blockages. Reconstructive rhinoplasty can instantly clear the obstructions for improved breathing. The important thing is that you disclose much of your medical history to help in the diagnosis.


It is important for the surgeon to understand what medications you have been taking recently since certain drugs like aspirins can cause excessive bleeding. To avoid complications, follow the doctor’s instructions regarding the care of your nose and body during the period leading up to and after the surgery. This is a very invasive procedure and even your nutrition can have an impact on the outcome of the surgery.

Post Surgical Care

Once you get through the surgery it is important to follow post surgical care instructions provided by your surgeon. Avoid certain medications and foods to minimize the risk of complications arising during the recovery period. It will be a number of days before your nose is completely healed from the surgery and you will have to be very gentle with it. In the event that something does occur there may be a second procedure required to clean up and make minor adjustments to correct the problems that might arise.

Reconstructive Rhinoplasty Cost

Since this is not a purely cosmetic procedure, many health insurance plans might not consider it an elective surgery. For that reason many patients have found that their health insurance will cover some or all of the costs involved. This is especially true if the problem was caused by physical injury to the nose and it can be shown that there is a medical reason for the procedure. There are also financing options available which you can talk to your plastic surgeon about. Many clinics will allow their patients to go on a payment plan or you can seek a loan from a financing company to help pay for plastic surgery costs. To learn more about reconstructive rhinoplasty schedule a consultation session with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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