Top-Notch Tips To Improve The Performance Of Your Graphics Card

Modern video games are quite demanding, and they force the graphic card to its extent. To play video games accurately on your console PC, desktop, it is imperative to look at the FPS and gaming performance. The new video games like Witcher 3, GTA 5, Assassin Creed Valhalla, and more are graphic intensive; therefore, the player must have the best hardware to play them on FPS. But sometimes players face issues while playing games on PC like not getting high FPS. This is literally an issue for players. 

The PCs that have graphic cards into them provide the best video experience and best picture quality. With better graphics, the gaming experience gets better. But sometimes the issue can arise of video quality, and that can occur due to the slow performance of the Graphics card. You can buy the Graphics card under $100 online as it is quite cheaper than retail stores. 

Here, in this article, we will know the tips that can help in improving the performance of Graphics Cards, which are as follows:

Increase RAM of your system 

The player or user must know the fact that the graphic card doesn’t have RAM of its own, which means that the graphic card uses the computer’s RAM to function accurately. Therefore you must learn how to increase the RAM of your computer system. This can be done by replacing the old chips with nee RAM chips with more memory than old RAM chips. 

If your desktop is 64 bit, try adding RAM of 4GB to your computer as this will boost the speed of the computer and enhance the gaming experience. 

Upgrade the Graphic Card Driver

The features of the graphic card can only be enjoyed by installing its drivers. It is the same case of features of the Windows version as you can’t enjoy those features without drivers’ installation. If you have older drivers of your graphic card, try upgrading them by installing the graphic card’s updated version. This will be quite an improvement in your desktop experience. 

Delete all the temporary files from your computer 

Many unused and unnecessary files get saved on your desktop while you play games. These are stored to improve the gaming experience, but in turn, these take up space, making the computer work slow. To avoid getting your computer filled with unnecessary files, and improve the gaming experience, better delete all the files timely. This will enhance the graphics card’s performance, and you can get better picture quality and better graphics experience.

Try updating Windows

You can also try updating or formatting your windows. This could only be done if you have copies of all the softwares installed on your computer. You can save the stored copies in your pen drive and then try formatting or updating your windows. This will remove all your data and will make your computer like it’s new. This will also improve the performance of the Graphics card, and you can install the stored applications on your computer. 

Delete the unnecessary files of your games

As talked earlier, while playing games on the computer, many unnecessary files get stored on your computer. No doubt, these are stored to offer a better gaming experience, but sometimes these fill up a computer’s whole space and can make it slow. It is advised to remove the files every time as this will enhance your graphic card’s gaming experience. 

To put in a nutshell, you can work on these given tips to make your graphic card work effectively and provide better video quality and gaming experience. 

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