The Itrail Compact Passive Gps Tracker – What is the use?

As a GPS technology continues to mature it offers the American consumer more practical applications for everyday use. One such use comes by way of the iTrail compact passive GPS tracker from SleuthGear. The iTrail is one of the most reliable GPS trackers on the market despite its compact size and unassuming looks. With this device you can track movement for up to 120 hours without the additional cost of a monthly service plan. It is the affordable way to make GPS work for you.

Who would use such a device? For starters, parents who desire to monitor teen driving are among the largest group of passive GPS users. Some mount the iTrail right on the dashboard in full view of their teens. Others prefer to conceal the device so as to not let on that they are monitoring driving. Either way, the iTrail monitors both position and speed making it very easy to know where your children are and whether or not they’ve been obeying the speed limit.

Others who might be interested in the iTrail include men or women who suspect a cheating spouse, employers tracking vehicle usage or office equipment, and more. Just about anyone with a need for passive GPS tracking will find the iTrail an excellent option.

With the gps tracking, you will get the best information. The equipment of the trackers is the best one to offer the correct directions. Men and women both will get the benefits from the tracking. The hiking and tracking will become beneficial with the gps trackers.

Passive versus Active Tracking

The iTrail is a passive tracking device meaning it only logs information as it moves; it does not transmit any data back to a receiver or an Internet server. Therefore, you cannot monitor the whereabouts of the device in real time. Instead, when you’re ready to see the data you hook it up to your Windows-based PC, download what’s been logged, and use the accompanying software to show you the results using Google Earth and Google maps. And because it’s passive the iTrail has no monthly service fees tied to it.On the other hand, an active tracking device maintains communication with a receiver or server so that it can transmit data back at predetermined intervals. This allows the user to track the device in real time. It’s certainly a more advanced use of GPS tracking but it does require a monthly service fee to keep active.

iTrail Features

The iTrail has plenty of great features you’re sure to find useful. First off, it can be charged by plugging it into the USB port of any computer; the LED light on the front face tells you when the battery is low or you’re in need of a memory dump. If you worried about preserving battery power, iTrail has you covered with a built-in motion detector which sends the device into sleep mode when movement stops. As soon as the iTrail is in motion it kicks on again and starts logging the data.

Concerned about the weather? No need to be. The iTrail is water resistant so it’s safe to use both indoors and out. For an extra measure of weather protection you can purchase an optional magnetic case to slip the unit into. Then mount it under a bumper, in a wheel well, or anyplace else the magnet will be effective.

Finally, the iTrail is small and light enough that it’s easy to carry in your pocket, a backpack, a purse, and so on. That makes it a great option to send with your kids on a school field trip just to make sure they are actually going where the school claims. You can use it to track where your child goes after school, where he and his friends are hanging out, and what time he’s arriving to and leaving from school. In fact, the iTrail might possibly be the best way to monitor your child’s whereabouts.

Whatever your passive GPS tracking needs the iTrail is a device that will get the job done. Best of all, it is very affordable and comes with the SleuthGear reputation for quality security equipment.

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