The electric shaver that best suits you

The best brands of electric shavers launch their marketing campaigns with new electric shavers. Apparently, all the new razors seem to be perfect. Your skin will not even experience the slightest discomfort. Electric shavers seek practicality, comfort, and agility. However, the new high-end razors take the shaving experience to another level. Many men in the world are enjoying the benefits of manscaping experiences every morning. 

However, how do you know which electric shaver suits you best? You have to assess several aspects such as, the skin type, prices, design, models, brands, features, warranty, and much more. Here we give you the basic aspects that most men compare.

Blade or rotary shavers – which one is perfect

The electric shaver is the ideal solution for every man who likes to take care of his appearance, but does not have as much time to go to the barbershop every week. It becomes an advantage due to its durability, practicality and agility, as well as economy. There are two main models – blade shavers and rotary shavers. Blade shavers are indicated for short and thin beards. It is for skin that is more sensitive. Rotary shavers are indicated for medium, full and thick beards. It is for tougher skin.

Battery life of the shaver

The options for electric shavers that require an outlet nearby are increasingly smaller. Those wire all the time getting tangled up in the neck and getting in the way of close, comfortable shaving. Therefore, wireless models have already taken over the shaver market. There are models with a recharge time of 8 hours and a battery life of just 25 minutes. Others take longer to charge, but the battery can last up to an hour. Some models have a battery status indicator light. 

Type of shave: dry or wet

The specifications ‘Dry’ or ‘Wet’ have appeared more frequently in the description of electric shavers available on the market. They serve to differentiate the use of the device and the type of shaving. Men with more sensitive skin tend to look for wet razors. They are aware of this factor and consider it decisive when buying. A dry shave is faster and cleaner. Many men prefer its agility and practicality, as the dry shaver does not require the use of foam.

Accessories of the shaver

Accessories are always attractive when choosing your products and electric shavers are no different. Some models come with carrying cases, cleaning kits, auxiliary cables and even replacement blades. There are electric shaver models that come with a trimmer that can be attached to the razors. It allows for care that is more specific. 


Electric shavers come with excellent cost-benefit options. There are options that are certainly more expensive. There is also the possibility of spending a lot of money buying the best-known brand or the prettiest device. Knowing your shaving habits, your skin and beard type, and what exactly you are looking for are of fundamental importance in this final purchase phase. As there is no possibility to test before, and most boxes are usually sealed, the more information you have at the time of purchase, the better.

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