The Effective And Best Body Building Exercises

People have a common misconception that working out on expensive machines only would help to build the body. Well, that is not true; working out with the barbells will help one to build their body like professional bodybuilders while taking care of their diet and testosterone level. In this article let us check out the various bodybuilding exercises.

7 Effective Exercises For Body Building


This is the most ideal exercise for the legs. Squats will strengthen the lower part of the body to a great extent. A single squat is equal to the effect that ten leg extensions would give. The squat is a very natural movement and one needs no extra effort to do it.

Barbell Bench Press

This is to strengthen the upper part of the body. No machine can replace this exercise as this is very effective. In this one has to lie flat on the bench, hold the barbells in the hand in such a way the hands are facing up. Extend the hand up and again bring it down. Repeat this ten times. This workout is meant for the triceps, shoulders, and chest.

Dead Lifts

This exercise is not opted by many as it is a little strenuous and has to be done properly. But one can see amazing results when they do this. In this, the barbell has to be lifted from the ground after having set oneself in a proper bent position. Once the barbell has been lifted the person has to stand straight using the barbell. Repeat the exercise the same way for overall bodybuilding.


This is an amazing exercise for the biceps and shoulders. In this one has to pull up one’s entire body and then stabilize. There should be absolutely no swaying; this is when one needs to lift the chin up slowly.

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  • Barbell Rows

This is an exercise which is meant for the inner back. In the barbell rows, the barbells must be lifted and should be balanced, the balancing will not be removed in the barbell row.

Seated Barbell Press

This is very similar to the barbell bench press. Instead of lying flat on the floor, one needs to sit and perform the same exercise. This is an excellent exercise that gives a lot of strength to the shoulders.

Barbell Curls

This was the primary exercise that was done when people began using barbells. In this exercise one would hold the barbells; the hands will be stretched in the beginning. Slowly bend the hands closer to the chest. This is called a barbell curl. This can be done either in a standing position or in a sitting position. This is a brilliant exercise for the biceps.

Lying Triceps Extensions

These are nothing but the skull crushers. This is very similar to the barbell curls except that one would be lying flat on the back while doing this exercise. As the name itself denotes this is an amazing exercise for the triceps.

There are also exercises like crunches and push-ups that will enable a person to build their body well without spending much.

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