The Dos And Donts On How To Exterminate Rats

Learning how to exterminate rats is really not so hard. Most people are afraid of rats and that’s what makes it so hard to get rid of them.

Because of the reproduction rate of rats, left untreated rats can take over a home in a very short period of time. Rats have litters every 30 days and each litter can produce up to 15 or 16 rats at a time. Do the math, left untreated over the course of a couple of months you could have a rodent population that reaches into the hundreds.

Rats are family oriented creatures, they travel in packs and tend to take over an area after setting up their nests.

The rodent control specialists from NYC will offer the best services to the clients. The results are the best one for the removing of the pest from the house. The use of the skills and intelligence is necessary  to get the desired results in the pest removing.

Usually rats will enter a home through an opening in the roof and set up shop in the attic. Once they have set up there nest and begin to reproduce. They will begin venturing out for food and rats can chew through just about anything, sooner or later they will end up in your living area.

Once you have seen a rodent in the living area, you know you have a problem and if you don’t do something to get it under control it will continue to get worse.

The worst thing you can do when dealing with rats inside of your home is to put rat poison out. If you put rat poison out as your first line of defense you will have dead rats in a very short period of time. Rat poison should only be used on the exterior of the house in a prevention program, and needs to be set up properly so children and animals can not access it.

The bad part about this is they will be dying inside the structure of the house, most likely in a wall void or some other place that you can’t access, and it won’t take long before you begin to have an odor that is completely unbearable.

Believe it or not the best way to exterminate a rat infestation inside your home is to trap them and remove them from the structure. The way to do this is to set your traps in the attic.

You do not have to crawl up into the attic to find the nest and set the traps near there nesting area. All you have to do is open the hatch door or pull the folding staircase down and set the traps right at the entrance way, that’s it. The rats will come to the traps every time.

The traps should be placed with the snap side up against a beam. You should set between 5 and 8 traps at a time and bait them with either peanut butter or beef jerky.

I like to use peanut butter because rats can not resist the smell and it has always worked well for me. Some people say that beef jerky works better because they have to tug on it to get it and that will set the trap off immediately.

Set the traps one day and return the following day to remove the dead rats. Then you will want to set new traps the following day. Keep repeating this until you are not catching anymore rats and your problem will be solved.

There are a couple of different types of traps you can use and we provide them all.

If you choose the wooden Victor traps, they are disposable and you would want to replace them with new traps each time.

If you use something like the T-Rex Rat Traps, they are reusable and you will be able to remove the rat from the trap, re-bait it and reset it.

Once you have removed all of the rats from the structure you want to think about putting some rodent prevention into place around the exterior of the house in order to prevent this problem from occurring again some place down the road.

Rodent prevention is easy to set up and if it’s done properly it is very effective. You can find out about rodent prevention located in our rodent prevention section. Click Here to find out about or many ways of rodent prevention.

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