The Correct Way To Recite Grigori Grabovoi Numbers Effectively

Every individual has some goals in life. Some of them are about health, while plenty of them are related to money. From shortcuts to the dedication, people try everything in their capacity to attain their targets. In all this yearning, a new trend has emerged in the name of Grabovoi or Grigori or healing numbers. If you are here, it means you already know about the hype running around Grigori numbers. And if you have stumbled upon this article clueless and by mistake, do not worry; read on for more info. 

About the concept

A Russian psychic, Grigori Grabovoi, formulated the concept of achieving desires or goals in life with a corresponding code. Such a set of codes is today gaining much limelight under the name of Grigori or healing numbers. The fundamental behind this theory is that all lives are energies that have a common magnetic field. And, anything can be corrected by reciting the numbers or vibrations of the relatable energies. Many people also know this ideology as the Radionic Theory of the universe.

What aspects does it cover?

Grigori, the founder, believed that each aspect of life has a unique code to it. Such a code or set of numbers can help to achieve the yearnings. So, innumerable aspects are covered under this ideology. To name a few among them that are most common among large masses are- love, business, happiness, health, fame, peace, weight loss, money, unemployment, protection, fighting alcoholism, and many more.

How to recite the Grigori numbers?

Now that a person has gained enough faith or at least a trigger to try the said concept, it is indispensable to know how things work herein. Since the main theory is based on the electromagnetic fields and the energy in distinct elements of life, it is highly imperative to know the correct method of recitation. A wrong move is unlikely to produce the anticipated results. So, go through the reciting process enumerated below keenly.

  • Know your desires

People usually get confused about picking the codes afterward while they finally sit to undergo the process. Avoid such a mistake as it will only lead to muddling up things and break the momentum. Understandably, that a person has plenty of needs like health, happiness, love, money, etc. For these numbers to work, it is essential to be at peace and not in confusion. So, jot down your desires beforehand to avoid frustrations later.

  • Memorize the codes

Next, it is time to get the workable codes given by Grigori. There are hundreds or maybe even thousands of numerical sets available for different needs of an individual. Hence, it will be difficult to list down all of them. So, after knowing your wishes from the previous step, search for the respective codes. They are easily available on the internet, or you may also consult a genuinely published book if available. Get the code and memorize it wholly. There is no specific time to memorize. Be at ease and learn it anytime throughout the day or night.

  • Get into the process

Write down the code on paper and hold it closer to your heart. Keep your eyes shut and imagine your desires happening. Now, recite the code first and say something like, “my desire is fulfilled, thank you”. Repeat this multiple times. You can also do the same for other desires and codes on the same day.

Some of the most asked and used codes on love, fame, peace, unemployment, etc. are available at Get all the positivity and try the relevant code for yourself now. Have a happy life!

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