The Causes Of Obesity – Know About The Obesity

Obesity is a scary thing for someone, especially for women. There are several factors that influence a person to become obesity including the following.

  1. They eat more than usual

The first can be caused by worse eating habits, and can also be caused how to choose the wrong foods, frying and cooking with coconut milk. Then, snacking habits forget to have breakfast, irregular meal frequency and always avoid rice. The best appetite suppressant for women will reduce the weight from the body. The consumption of the right food will offer the correct results to the individuals. The best suppressants will provide the best results in the weight reduction. The excessive fat elimination is possible from the bellies and thighs of the people.

  1. They not use the energy effectively

Work done everyday can affect a person’s life style. Lifestyle that uses less physical activity will affect a person’s body condition. Physical activity is needed to burn the calories in the body. When revenues excessive calories and not balanced with physical activity, the person will become obesity.

  1. Heredity factors

Heredity may influence the occurrence of obesity. Effects themselves are not clear, but there is evidence supporting the fact that offspring obesity is a factor of the amplifier. From the results of nutrition research in the United States, reported that children of normal parents have a 10% chance of being fat. Opportunities will be increased to 40-50% when one parent is obese, and will increase to 70-80% when both parents suffer from obesity. Therefore, babies born from obese parents will have a tendency to be overweight. Fat in time infants or children have the possibility difficult to become thin at the time of adults, due to the children have already formed a number of its cells more than normal.

  1. Hormonal factors

women who are got menopause may decrease thyroid hormone function. The ability to use energy will be reduced by decreasing the function of this hormone. It is shown by the decrease of metabolism that causes obesity.

  1. Factors that lower basal metabolic rate

This is due to slower energy consumed to split into glycogen so it will be stored more fat in the body. Obese individuals who have a low basal metabolism, when no exercise and proper diet has a tendency of growing fat, because the more muscle will cause it easy growing hungry.

Someone who is overweight can lead to various diseases, including coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, cancer, gall stone disease, stroke, osteoarthritis. to overcome the obesity we can make a healthy diet.

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