The Best Weight Lifting Exercises – What are they!!

All weight lifting routines must contain certain exercises in order to provide good results. There is a hierarchy of effectiveness when it comes to weight lifting exercises. And to obtain the best results, the most effective exercises must be included in all workout routines. Every muscle group has its own exercises that work out that muscle the best. So if you want to get the best results possible, no matter what your weight lifting goals are, all weight lifting routines you use must contain these exercises.

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The most important body part in the body is the legs. The legs bring stability, balance and strength to The entire body. When it comes to weight lifting, the same holds true. In fact, if you have weak legs, it’s hard to achieve overall muscular strength because of the importance it has to the rest of the body. There are many exercises that work out the legs effectively because there are many muscles in the legs. But these exercises are the best of the best: squats, leg curls, lunges, and calf raises. If you include these exercises in all you workout routines, you can expect to see stronger legs.

Another important muscle in the body is the back. The back brings stability to the upper body as well. But more important, it provides the upper body with a lot of additional strength. For some reason, the back isn’t given the respect it deserves by weightlifters, probably because it isn’t a muscle that grows very big or fast. However, this shouldn’t impact how hard you should workout this body part. If you want a strong back, include these exercises in your weight lifting routines: weighted pull-ups, standing barbell rows, and deadlifts. With these exercises included in all your workout routines, your back will grow stronger than it has ever been.

The most important upper body muscle is probably the chest. Because of it’s size and position on the body, it’s a muscle that provides the upper body with most of it’s strength. Also, it’s a muscle that weightlifters define themselves on. If it’s big and strong, weightlifters think that they are strong. If it’s small and weak, weightlifters think they are weak. However, the importance of the muscle goes much further than personal thoughts and appearances. A strong chest can be obtained if you include these exercises in your workout routines: bench press, incline press, dumbbell flyes, and decline press. All weight lifting routines must include these exercises for the chest, otherwise results won’t happen.

A final muscle group that many weightlifters love to target is the arms. The arms consist of three parts: the biceps, triceps and shoulders. This is most weightlifters favorite muscle because in most of their minds, big arms mean strength. Although this isn’t necessarily true, it seems to affect most weightlifters as they put more time and effort on such a small part of the body. However, the arms are a crucial muscle because they partake in almost every exercise weightlifters do. For strong arms, include these exercises in all your weight lifting routines: barbell curls, hammer curls, weighted dips, tricep pushdowns, overhead press, and shrugs. As long as you put in good and equal effort to each of these exercises and include them in all your workout routines, expect to see good results fast.

Weightlifters must understand that achieving their goals means performing the correct exercises to effectively workout their muscles. That’s why all their workout routines must contain the most effective exercises for each muscle group otherwise success cannot be expected. Whether you are exercising your chest or your legs, there are certain lifts that must be done over others because of how well they target that particular muscle. If you want to achieve your goals, make sure all your weight lifting routines include those exercises.

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