The Best Kydex Holster Brands This 2021

Are you planning to purchase a Kydex holster but doesn’t have any idea on which brand to buy? We got you covered. In this article, we will go through some of the best kydex holster manufacturers. Without further ado, let’s start:

Introduction to Kydex

If you are on this page, we assume that you already know about Kydex holsters. For people who are not that knowledgeable, here is a brief rundown on Kydex holsters. Kydex is a plastic material that can be adjusted with heat. It is manufactured in sheets and takes shape through the use of a heating press. Because of this manufacturing process, Kydex can take the shape of any design, allowing it to cater to every weapon regardless of their minute differences. Aside from general design, its texture can also be customized, providing a lot of options for consumers. Kydex is an easy material to manipulate, making it the material of choice of so many holster sellers. Now that we got that covered, let’s move on to the best Kydex brands.

  1. CYA Supply Company

This company is owned and operated by veterans of the US Marines, as well as other veterans from other army departments. Their products are made in the United States, which is something to note if you are looking for products from the US. Aside from Kydex, they also use another composite material known as Boltaron. Boltaron is less prone to shape manipulation with heat, at the cost of having a lower price. If you want a holster that is even more cheaper than Kydex holsters, you can get a Boltaron holster from CYA Supply Company. If money is not a problem or you prefer Kydex, you can also buy their holsters made from that material.

  1. Outlaw Holsters

Outlaw Holsters are well known for their holsters made for open carrying firearms. As such, this company is the go to holster maker for people who loves to go to shooting ranges, or people who like to wear them underneath clothing such as a jacket. 

Since the holsters sold by Outlaw Holsters are mostly for open carry purposes, they can have classy designs like flags, duct tape impressions, We The People, and a variety of other design schemes. A custom design is also possible, allowing buyers to submit their own design to be imprinted in the holster. Outlaw Holsters provide customers with a 1 year warranty on all purchases.

  1. Concealment Express

The best thing about this holster manufacturer is that they have a holster product for every major gun manufacturer. You will be able to get an IWB or inside the waistband holster that is specifically designed for your gun as long as your gun is from a well known or major brand.

Concealment Express specialized in their holster designed for appendix carry. Another thing that this brand is famous for is that all of their holsters comes with a sweat guard, which is very handy if you are living in a hot area.

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