Steroids Pros And Cons

Testosterone pills and boosters are a kind of drug which are used for increasing the protein synthesis in the cells of the human body and thus builds up the cellular tissues especially in the muscles. This also develops and maintains the masculine characteristics in human beings for example helps in the growth of vocal cords, body hair, etc. Steroids have certain health risked factors which is needed to be taken in mind while using steroids by any human.

But along with the risks, there are many necessities of using steroids in different fields of life for certain people.

It is a matter of controversy when it comes to deciding whether using steroids is a necessity or can be ignored when health risks are considered. Let’s now discuss the pros and cons of using steroids and get ourselves into a kind of interesting debate.

Pro1-controlling stress

One of the most important pros of steroids is that it helps to control the stress over someone both physically and mentally. So whenever somebody is injured using steroids completely mends the injury because it controls the development of cortisol in the body which in return controls stress over someone.

Pro2- Increases the muscle size

Another important pro and must be considered the most important among the pros is that it helps increase the muscle size of the body of whoever is using the steroid.

Steroids increase the amount of nitrogen in the body and thus increases protein production which in return increases the muscular size and this does not even need exercising. Exercise needs a lot of energy and time which might not be possible for everyone.

So using steroids lessens the user’s effort in building up his body and increasing the muscular size.

Pro3- Improves health condition

Using steroids has the good effect of increasing the blood cells on the body which helps in treating anemia. It also increases bone density which helps people suffering from problems related to the development of bones. Steroids are even used for treatments in arthritis, cancer, blood development, etc.

Pro4- Decreases the body fat

Another important pro of using steroids is that it reduces fat in the body. The steroids help in oxidizing the fat in the body and thus results in a reduction of body fat largely.

Cons1- Aggressive behavior and psychotic problems

Steroids have the bad effect of making a person very rude and aggressive. It increases the testosterone in the body and so the user ends up being very violent at times. Some of the people also experience psychotic problems, brain problems, sleeping disorders, etc

Con2- Facial problems

Another important con is that it changes the shape of the face of the user. For females, facial hair is something that becomes common. It affects the skin of the face very badly

Con3- Heart diseases

Steroids increase the heart diseases in the body. It increases the cholesterol level in the body very highly and thus results in severe heart pain and even heart attack.

Con4- Kidney problems

The kidney is related to blood pressure and as steroids decrease the performance of the heart it affects the kidney badly. It reduces the blood supply as well as the filtration process of the kidney.

Con5- Skin bones and liver problems

Steroids affect the skin and the bones of the user very badly. It also affects the liver. Livers’ function of filtering harmful toxins from the body gets disturbed very badly.

Con6- Blood poisoning and Impotence

Steroids, when used by the means of nonsterile needles, transfer diseases through the blood of the user to another and thus is very dangerous which in fact is a thing that needs to be taken care of.

Another very important con is that steroids ensure impotence in one’s body. Testosterone stops its normal function and becomes drug dependant which results in impotence in a long term process and sometimes even in short term processes for some.


Thus it is quite understood that after reading this and going through all the pros and cons of using steroids one needs to finalize his/her final decision. Consulting a doctor is one of the most important things in any case.

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