Social Media Services for large and small businesses is a Internet Marketing Firm Specializing in Developing Marketing Plans for businesses large and small.

WHO WE WORK WITH: Any person or organization whose goals fall in line with the services we offer. This runs the whole spectrum from Policy Makers, Small Businesses Owners, Large Businesses and Corporations, Non Profits, Manufacturers, Distributors, Small Business Owners, Media Companies, Publishers, and Entrepreneurs.

Our core business revolves around using Social Media Services to promote Portland companies, people, and products. Please make sure to visit our Complete Menu of Services

Consulting: When we do consulting this often refers to us spending this time together to work on your web site. Voy Media YouTube is working with excellence for the building of the website of the brand. The spending of the time and money at the platform is great to build the image of the brand. The working of the agencies is excellent to deliver the benefits to the business owner. The website will attract the attention of the customer with the agency services. 

On-site Business Consulting at your home or office – $ 35.00 per hour. (3 hour min)

Off-site Business Consulting at our office – $ 25.00 (3 hour min)

WordPress Services: Since the majority of new web sites are using the wordpress platform we often do Installations. background designs, logos, and just help individuals learn how to effectively use all the powerful tools, themes, and plugins. The other thing that we are more and more frequently being asked to do is just help develop a strategy for success from the planning stages forward. This is the key to success of any website it involves researching keywords and carefully deciding on the URL, URL Structure, Permalinks, and Competition out there at the time.

Search Engine Optimization – S.E.O. Services. The second most common thing we do is high quality permanent S.E.O. campaigns. Campaign Strategy Development, Implementation, and Monitoring by is where we are seeing the most growth.

HOW OUR SEO SERVICES WORK: We give each of our new customers a Free 30 minute no obligation Consultation at which time we can discuss your goals and budget in detail. After this consultation, we will then propose the most effective mix of white hat (Completely Safe) methods that will help improve your page rank and help drive more results from within your page. From there we require a down-payment towards your project. We do not disclose actual sites we may use as links before taking payment. Clearly, these days people are taking those lists and then not using service providers. Lots of resources as far as time and research goes into some of our sources for quality back links so please understand we cannot offer the reasonable prices we do by publishing the exact link locations prior to payment. No s.e.o. service provider that stays in business is able to do that.

GOALS: Clearly, improving your traffic volume and visitor views per page as well as over and efficiency of your site as far as both the sales closing ratio; or achieving the action you wish from your online guests, should always be your primary goal

TOP DOWN APPROACH: In addition to getting more quality, targeted traffic. We approach SEO with a step by step outcome based approach that ensures the most efficient and effective use of your advertising budget. We want to help you measure, monitor, and constantly improve your return on investment.

THE RIGHT TOOLS: During this time we will also go over your Google Analytics Report. If you have not yet set up and installed Google Analytics we will take care of this for you as part of our service.

We also offer both small Group Google Analytics Training and one-on-one training. These services are currently being developed with the latest updates under a separate web site. Details on Google Analytics Training

We also offer Standalone Links Packages and High Quality Articles – Examples: Squidoo Pages , Hub Pages, Social Bookmarks, Exact Match Social Site URL Campaigns, Article Submission, Article Production

We Also Offer Google Places Setup

We also offer a variety of services for Online Reputation management

Under the primary umbrella of Social Media Services we offer a variety of Facebook and Twitter services: These include Facebook Business Page Services & Twitter Traffic Generation / Niche Follower Building.

This also includes training on how to use services that aggregate niche followers auto-pilot. We can deliver the completed Twitter account with Niche followers or train you how to do it. we can also under our consulting fee based services show you how to get more traffic by using RSS Feeds for relevant niche content via services like


Just want to learn legitimate ways of making money online?

We can save you from the heaps of scams out there…

Try our, “How to make money online from Home” – Special

2 day 1-on-1 in home training boot camp

This popular program starts with 2 hours of internet income opportunities basics and a personal assessment to see what interests you and whether niche sites, dating sites, social networks, google revenue sharing sites, articles writing, news blogs or other niches are best for you.

The 2 hour opener is followed by a break with 4 hours of consulting over the first day which includes building your site with you there, while you learn.

Therefore, the first day you need to plan for 6 straight hours of information packed consulting, along with being ready to walk away with a fully functional website when we leave.

This program is designed to be two days long with the second day being 4 hours in length. For the second day these 4 hours will be spent working with you 1-on-1 writing posts, learning tips and tricks for traffic, doing internal link building and making sure you are not falling into the common pitfalls most site owners do. We will walk you through the process of applying to the sites for monetization of your web site and make sure you know how to automatically have ads appear on your websites content in autopilot fashion, so all you need to do is focus on quality content.

When we finish the second day you’ll have a full wordpress install (or dating site, social network, bulletin board, forum, coupon site, or whatever is most appropriate for the niche you choose) with the appropriate themes, all the features you need via the best plugins or software, starter articles written by your and on your site, and you’ll be well on your way to success!

We have years and years of experience which comes along with learning all the mistakes and how to avoid them. Over this two-day, total 10 hour package you will have saved yourself hours of mistakes, lost opportunities, and stress.

Total Package Price with normal consulting fee for 10 hours typically is $350.00. However, this is program is designed for individuals looking to start an online business or even just supplement their income by making money online, from the comfort of their home. As such we are offering the package for just $ 250.00.

Remember, there is a 1 day break between the, “How to make money online from Home”, 2 day boot camp course. The first day is 2 hours of pre-planning, followed by a break, then 4 hours of straight to the point work. Then you will have 1 day between the next 4 hour followup course. This 1 day is intended for you to apply what you learned by adding content to your site. This is critical because it leads up into the followup training phase.

In that phase we’ll be focusing on driving traffic and monetization. (Measuring and improving upon your income performance as well as tricks to turn your monetization into an autopilot task are the second days learning objectives.)


Please make sure to visit our Complete Menu of Services

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