Social Change needed for Professional Organizations

I have been meeting with a few professional organizations such as about how to reach their desired market constituents in a more economical and meaningful way. Many professional groups are not for profit and come from the foundation of academic and professional standards, licensing, and providing levels of service to various stakeholder groups. One of the challenges is to build up an infrastructure of knowledge management and use it for; consumer-facing market research and data insights academic research and collaboration amongst various communities target consumer groups for service provision value forward leadership discovery (is this an ongoing business?) The other challenge is how to provide leverage of the above in terms of driving new engagement models to support KPI’s- draw upon technology and partnerships to create value that would otherwise not crystallize inside their own current boundaries.

Why are we expecting consumers to actively search online for various digital snippets in various formats, try to read and interpret the information-then to make a meaningful, actionable step toward fulfilling their implicit needs

The ones I am working with are similar in that the consumer-facing delivery model is that of a “resource brokerage” where reams of tips and tools, whitepapers, datasheets, lists, and reference materials are all discrete and are in a push-down access model. It raises the basic questions that at the time of interest and necessity,

We have reframed this conundrum from a top-heavy resource-based model to a more horizontal and socially strategic model. We can provide information in a more semantic and syntactic operation where a consumer can ask questions in real-time and get a highly valid response immediately. This can improve customer/ consumer service and improve the overall uptake, scope, and relevance of the information provided.

Extending the faq principle into the social paradigm, they can immediately act upon the information in several more meaningful ways using APIs to integrate data collection, learning engine parameters make recommendations, or escalate their query to a partner, agency, or affiliated service provider.

This model provides ample opportunity to listen, respond, and engage with contextual meaning. This is the fertile ground of engagement, which then allows you to extend beyond resource dissemination to the full-on engagement-the opt-in marketplace and social loyalty follow ons which make the organization thrive with relevance and perhaps new leads.

If that translates to new subscriptions, walk-ins to clinics, webinar attendees, likes on FB etc.-They can all be managed into planned KPI’s, monitored and new opportunities will surface as new trends emerge.

Professional organizations must be willing to embrace a new form of openness, access, and allow new value forward partnerships to emerge and evolve. Resource-based push programs are failing across most initiatives that utilize this strategy. Social strategies are here and must be understood and quickly embraced- organizations will not have the luxury of time and resources to validate them first with internal channels like it departments.

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