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Silver Surfer Whip Vaporizer Review

7th Floor out of Colorado Springs, CO (in the US of A!) has put together one serious whip vape that they’re calling the Silver Surfer vaporizer. It’s like Da Buddha, only better, and it comes in more colors that you can imagine. That is of course, unless your imagination has lead you to assume that this vaporizer comes in virtually endless color combinations because it does. Due to the fact that that the Wave Rider Silver Surfer vaporizers can be manufactured with your own custom graphics on them, you have virtually endless possibilities. For example, you could have your company or band logo thrown onto it or just some wild picture you drew and scanned onto the computer.

If you can send it to them, they can probably put it on your own custom SSV. Beyond the custom graphics, these vapes certainly have a lot to boast about but the real question is how well do they work? They work great if you’re into vaporizing with a whip and wand, but if it’s a bag you seek, then you’re going to have to look at some of the bag vaporizers such as the Volcano, viVape, and Extreme Q (to name a few). If it’s the whip you want, well, this certainly isn’t a bad option with its alumina ceramic / glass heating element. If you want to buy this glass on glass vaporizer, you can buy it here from an authorized retailer (ensuring manufacturer’s warranty coverage).

More Info On The SSV:

So it’s time for a breakdown of how the SSV is made. It’s made from 1/5″ aluminum housing which is anodized and powder coated for increased durability. The powder coating is how the color is applied to the aluminum. The knob used to adjust the temperature is made out of hand blown glass; old school and unique. There are two main styles that it comes in and the first of which that I’ll tell you about is the hands free wand. Some of the greatest websites such as are filled with the information related to the vaporizers and their distinct categories. If you want to know everthing in detail regarding the portable vaporizers in 2020 then do visit here. This uses ground glass fittings to leave a hand free while you vape. The other style is the standard wand setup which is more of a hassle but allows for a more even vaporizing of your blend because you can rotate it while you vape.

Buying Silver Surfer Vaporizers

If you want an SSV and you’re ready to buy one, I suggest you buy it online from an authorized retailer such as this store here because that way you’re covered by the manufacturer’s warranty in case something breaks or goes wrong. Not that it will, but then again, we all know how glass is (it tends to break) so just in case, it’s always good to stick with a legit store that’s been authorized by 7th Floor.

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