Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher

If you want to have a water filter pitcher that could remove chlorine, odor, mercury, and also fluoride then Seychelle Pure Water Pitcher is the perfect choice for you, that gives you water as clean as Diamond Rock Spring Water.

Seychelle Water Filter is one of the most cost-efficient water filters in the market today. It provides you with the ability to filter up to 150 gallons of water before you need to change or buy the replacement filter.

The design is also quite elegant and doesn’t take so much place in your kitchen so you can even put it inside your refrigerator with no problem, you can also take it with you when traveling or camping.

The Seychelle filter will remove microorganisms and other bad agents found in your water, it’s a perfect replacement for bottled water, it’s easy to use and you can use it to filter water all day long.

The Good

The water pitcher also able to remove fluoride from water and not just Chlorine, which is I think is a big plus for a water pitcher. It’s BPA free and also proven to reduce mercury level to 98%.

It can be used up to 150 gallons of water before you buy the replacement filter, so I think that’s about 3-4 months in usage.

The filtered water tastes better and will save you a lot of money from buying bottled water and the price is also not too expensive.

The Bad

I have a problem with the handle because it’s kind of weak and doesn’t look like it can support the weight of the water, the handle is also removable so be very careful when holding the pitcher the wrong way or it might fell off.

The Customer service is not very responsive when addressing your problem, I don’t know maybe they’re too busy but keep in mind to phone them directly if you ever needed their help and don’t just use their email support.

The Verdict

If you want to have a water filter pitcher that is able to filter up to 150 gallons of water before you buy any replacement filter then Seychelle water filter pitcher is the right one for you, the price is also very affordable (under $50) and the size is not too big so you can put it in your fridge without any problem.

It’s one of the water filter pitchers that removes fluoride from your water and resulting in a better-tasting and healthy drinking water, so I guess you can try out the Seychelle water filter and I’m pretty sure that you will make a good buying decision.

Where To Buy Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher?

I would suggest you check AMAZON because I believe they are simply the largest marketplace in the world.

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