Selling your home? Great Open House tips for Home Sellers!

Placing your home up for sale on the Edmond Oklahoma real estate market or to find Aspen Woods Homes For Sale can be stressful and complicated projects. Like any project, there are numerous tasks and actions that an Edmond home seller needs to take to ensure maximum exposure to potential homebuyers in any real estate market. In the Oklahoma real estate market, as a professional Oklahoma Realtor, I have found that there are several proven steps one should take to make placing your home for sale on the market worthwhile and worthy of getting you the home seller a good sale.

  • Deep Clean Your Home: Don’t leave homebuyers’ first impressions to chance. Make sure you deep clean and deodorize your home before letting homebuyers tour your property. The first impression is the most important. Always put yourself in the shoes of the prospective home buyer and make your home desirable to them.
  • De-Clutter and Organize your Home: Make sure the living spaces, especially the kitchen and bathrooms are well organized and remove all clutter. Don’t make the prospective home buyer touring your homework hard to imagine themselves living in your home. You want them to buy it, not be mystified by all the mess on the countertops. Put away the ceramics collection, toys, and things lining the bathroom and kitchen counters. A crowded house makes it look smaller and makes it harder for buyers to imagine it as their own.
  • Market and Promote your Home for Sale: There are a few things you can do as a homeowner, but this leads me to the most important point this third tip seeks to make. HIRE an OPEN HOUSE FOCUSED REALTOR to market your home!

Why use the service and advice of a professional Open House Realtor Specialist?

Open Houses provide a great opportunity for Oklahoma home sellers to show off their property and create a good and lasting impression in home buyers’ minds. Working with an experienced Realtor who believes in the value and usefulness of holding Open Houses is paramount.

Your Realtor can provide maximum Multiple Listing Service exposure before you even schedule an Open House. Once you choose a date for an Open House, the notification that goes out from the MLS to Trulia,, RE/MAX marketing sites, and Google search results can greatly intensify the effectiveness and exposure of your home for sale in your Edmond Oklahoma real estate market.

That is why your number one tip for a successful Open House is to choose a Realtor who understands the true value of having an Open House, knows how to expose your Open House event to the most internet and real-world potential customers and who will provide you with tracking and results in information on how effective the Open House initiative is for your home.

In future articles, I will enumerate the steps of a more cosmetic nature of prepping and showing your home during an Open House. But the first and most important tip is to secure the expertise of quality, Open House oriented Realtor who will create the ‘market buzz’ and provide technical guidance in effectively holding an Open House and marketing the Open House to the network of prospective homebuyers in your Edmond Oklahoma real estate area.

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