What has been the biggest game-changing news in the past few decades? Well, for starters the social media revolution during the first decade of the 21st century took the entire world by storm through which people could get access to numerous websites that came into existence.

Earlier, we were limited to Google, Yahoo, Sify, etc. for search engines but now we have a large brood of them available at our disposal through which we learn something new every day.

Social media portals like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are among the most prominent ones that have become a tool for branding, marketing, and advertising apart from the fact that it has helped make the world a small place and today we shall take the example of Instagram marketing and the role played by private proxies in this regard.

Insta Wave

Let us get to know what private proxies are because many readers would be ignorant about the term so, to begin with, a proxy is defined as the intermediary between the user and the internet where you have both acting in coordination similar to any man and machine working together.

The main job of the proxy server is to transfer info from user to web and immediately generates a response from the web back to the user so all you need is to have a strong internet connection with Local Area Network (LAN) and Wi-Fi so that you can speed up the search engine.

Now Instagram is one of the most prominent platforms that are considered the perfect tool for marketing something which is why you will find numerous youngsters creating their Instagram accounts with short videos and posts to make themselves famous.

Instagram marketing became an instant sensation within a short while of its launch but as of late it has become a trend to run targeted accounts with the help of private proxies with automation tools added for good measure that has led to an interesting marketing strategy for people.

Almost every influential person has an Instagram account that he utilizes to the fullest extent with followers numbering billions that have learned the art and now use it to their advantage with flying colors.

So if you’re new to Instagram and want to use the marketing technique through private proxies then the following points will be of great help to achieve success quickly.


  1. Every account has an IP address of its own where Instagram allows only 5 to be created per IP at a time but it is known that you need much more than 5 so private proxies come into play where you can use one account per proxy
  2. You would also need an automation tool to use private proxies because Instagram has strict rules in this regard where you can jump from 50 to 100 accounts after buying a couple of private proxies
  3. Some people consider Instagram merely as a tool to follow and unfollow people for which you need as many private proxies for the number of accounts you have. You can create and paste a few posts and images through this
  4. For affiliate marketing, you have to monetize the account for gain and private proxies are required for it
  5. Monetizing your account has an added advantage where you’ll get a fixed payout through proxies for the number of accounts you have. You can find more info about it online
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