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Selecting footwear

Growth, development and day wear As with all our posts, we try and give our readers a base at which to ‘better understand their feet’ Growth and development happen in stages, and its important that the foot is given the best change to develop properly. A the same time, the adult foot must function as best as possible to avoid… Details

Boscombe 10km run Bournemouth Podiatry attended the Boscombe 10KM in support of the Bournemouth Joggers. Although a very cold event, the sun did come out and we were there to answer questions regards feet and running. We had emergency plasters and tapping kit jut in case any injuries occurred. Most runners were asking questions regards prevention of ankle… Details

Footwear Advice

From back to school to office and more Good Footwear is one of the most important considerations that a parent can give to their Childs development. The right footwear can assist in healthy growth and development of your child. Shoes vary so much that understanding what actually works for a foot and what information is right, the purchaser is often left not knowing… Details

‘Health Screening for Feet’

The importance of good foot health In this article we thought we would discuss the importance of good foot health. An awareness of foot health is one of the most understated healthcare needs to our population Generally we spend good time and money on looking after our eyes, our backs our skin, our diets and exercise but the feet are… Details

Footwear, injury prevention, back to school, work and sports Good Footwear is one of the most important considerations we can give ourselves, and that parents can give to their childs foot development. Yet so many people of all ages wear shoes that are inappropriate for their feet or which fail in its design to appropriately accommodate that persons foot type. Feet come in all… Details

Fungal Nail Infections of the foot. Prevention, maintenance and treatments. Fungal nail infections are one of the primary causes of damage and discoloration to the nail. The nail can have a white to yellow or even brown/very dark brown discolouration. The cause of the nail infection is the similar type that causes the athletes foot infection that you classically get between you toes.  This is why it is important that you know the difference between a podiatrist and a chiropodist. This will allow you to choose the right professional for your pain.The… Details

Helping to look after Diabetic feet with regular Diabetic foot checks The foot is the foundation of your body. It may be advised by Podiatrists and Chiropodists that Diabetic foot receive regular checks to ensure that the foot stays in the very best condition. People with Diabetes can be at greater risk of developing foot complications compared with people without the condition. If you are Diabetic… Details

Custom made Flip flops. Introducing our first in prescription footwear Now available, custom made flip flops. Have you ever wanted your own personalised flip flops? For the very best in comfort we can take a cast of your foot to provide you with your own supportive orthopaedic footbeds made just for you. If you have an ongoing foot condition, or you just require extra comfort… Details

Bournemouth Podiatry Showcase Pressure Measurement Technology A welcome back to the New Year and Bournemouth Podiatry attended the Shelley Manor Theatre January 2015 open day to meet and greet the local community and to talk, discuss and demonstrate the new technologies and innovations in the world of Podiatry. As a multi-disciplinary profession (meaning we will work closely with other associated… Details

Ski boot orthotics Skiing is one of the most challenging recreational activities we can do and our feet are usually the first thing to suffer! As Podiatrist and Chiropodists many meet people who come to us for advice regards the up coming ski-season. In particular we discuss the option of using ski-boot inserts. Skiers tend to take part… Details

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