Movie Streaming Future Is Exhaustingly Beautiful


Many people have started looking for entertainment and online video streaming platforms as a result of the current pandemic situation that caused the theatres to close down. It is a means to escape from the reality of a situation and explore the videos according to their tastes and personal preferences. This also helps in finding stories from all around the world and connect with them in a better way. The future of online movie streaming is undoubtedly bright but since people have started preferring to watch movies while sitting at home the competition is continuously increasing. Netflix dominates the landscape throughout the world and Amazon prime has also come up with certain changes.

With the cinemas being closed down during the lockdown people have got more comfortable with sitting at home while watching the movies. Now even though the restrictions are easing people do not have the rush to go back to the halls to watch the movies. People have increasingly been looking for online platforms to watch the movies and the number of subscribers has increased and is expected to double in the next four years. This opens up the opportunity for cinema streaming platforms.


The websites are well-positioned to take the advantage of the desires of the customers and the subscribers of all the websites have doubled up with the year. People are looking for a choice beyond the traditional platforms like Netflix and Prime. The gomovies website has reported that they have seen a tremendous increase in the number of people accessing the website since the lockdown began. With the growing audience, the opportunity to drive the conversation around films has also increased in personal and on social media platforms. Out of the number of people surveyed, 35 percent have reported that they watch movies because of social reasons like joining or initiating conversations with friends.

The online platforms make the most of the special range of movies or shows that showcase the best of the art house cinema from across the world. The platforms boast a new film almost every day and provide both fiction and documentaries from the new and old voices as well as the established directors. The film lovers can get a cinema experience and may be able to connect with the movies more while sitting at home in their comfort zone and relaxing while watching their preferred show or movie.

Streaming is finally booming after years of stellar growth and it is because the global demand for video streaming is increasing. According to digital TV research, movie revenues are expected to double between 2019 and 2025 to around 167 USD billion. The total online TV market constitutes various market segments based on the demands. The streaming market is also called the OTT (over the top market) and it refers to all the type of media services and content which is offered to the customers directly. To enjoy watching online movies one can log in to the gomovies website and browse through the number of options available.

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