Military Gifts- Love for Forces on Display with Good Content

Who are the most important people in our life? The obvious answer is family as they always come first for one and all but most people always fail to realize that an extended family is something that also needs to be remembered but are mostly ignored.

When you have so many acquaintances in life ranging from friends to total strangers that do become friends after getting to know one another, a cycle which that started in the times of yore and continues to this day.

But there is a certain section that has been neglected and they are none another than our armed forces that vigilantly guard our borders from enemy nations so that their citizens can sleep peacefully during nights, which is reason enough that we as citizens acknowledge them in more ways than one.

Forces to be Reckoned With

It is a crying shame that people consider movie stars and film icons as their real heroes when compared to their army and this is the case with most of the countries, especially United States and India, which have the biggest and oldest film industries in the world as of now.

On a side note, they both are the oldest and largest democracies respectively which is again a big letdown given how the youth brigade idolize and emulate stars like Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Christian Bale, Leonardo Di Caprio and their ilk.

Hardly anyone cares about knowing more about the soldiers that are standing vigil at -50 degree temperature day and night without rest but these heartless citizens only acknowledge their selfless sacrifice for the motherland with a RIP and sad EMOJIS on Twitter and Facebook.

Slowly but surely, times are changing as people are beginning to see sense to differentiate between reel and real life heroes that can be called a step in the right direction because the film stars only portray real life heroes onscreen but cannot do the same beyond the camera as that isn’t their job.

So with that in mind, it is high time that we start giving the army the respect and admiration that they deserve by gifting them regular souvenirs on special occasions because that is the least we can do for their priceless sacrifice.

They are forces to be reckoned with, so simply wearing a military veteran shirt on July 4 or army day isn’t enough as the respect has to come from the heart to be considered genuine.

New Ideas

It goes without saying that military gifts are quite popular on festive seasons where citizens pay tribute to the sacrifice of their soldiers but it is a practice that the president and prime minister of democratic nations go to the border so as to boost their morale.

Now they being the people that run the country cannot go and fight at the borders on their own which is why it is their duty to at least acknowledge the courage of the army veterans that leave their families behind and barely get to see them and tragically return in a coffin.

Military gifts have become the norm in the past few years ever since Trump came to power and despite his eccentricities, he is seen as a true nationalist at heart that provides all the basic necessities that the soldiers need in times of peril.

Army T-shirts, ring, the badge with the national flag is the perfect ones that kids should wear as an appreciative token to the army and things are indeed going in that direction so much so that many people are being inspired to join the army in large numbers to serve the country and get martyred with a smile.

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