Lower Back Pain Exercises – Simple But Effective

Lower back pain exercises will help you recover quicker period! Statistics show that around 80% of people will have some sort of problem with their backs at some stage in their life. Back pain can be put in two categories. Acute which generally lasts a few weeks to maybe a month or two and will eventually sort itself up and chronic which can go on for months and comes with various degrees of pain throughout the duration of the injury. As you probably guessed, a chronic back pain is far worse and needs special attention. One thing is sure – there are safe lower back pain exercises.

Exercises For Lower Back Pain

Remember that day you worked for hours in the garden and woke the next day with a horrible backache? The “every-day garden variety” of back pain is usually caused by overuse and muscle strain. The treatment is to stay active and avoid positions that exacerbate the pain. Use ice or heat when it helps, and take non-prescription painkillers that you can get from your local drug store if you cannot put up with the pain.

It is helpful if some exercises for lower back pain can be done under the supervision of a certified physiotherapist, at least initially. That is not always possible, however, and there is much that can be done without a professional by your side.

Once the majority of the pain is gone, it is good to do some gentle stretches and strengthening exercises for your back, stomach, and legs. All exercise to relieve lower back pain should be a mixture of stretching and strengthening the muscles. Strong muscles are much less likely to be strained, and are better at holding organs and other muscles in place. Bodies work better when they are strong! Exercise for your lower back pain will also help you present re-injury to your back, help you recover faster, and reduce the risk of being disabled by your back pain.

Don’t let the residual pain deter you from trying some gentle exercises for lower back pain relief. It should be alright to soon start stretching and strengthening your back muscles again, and it will probably feel better in the long run than just lying in bed, waiting for the pain to pass.

If you don’t return to activity soon, you will be risking loss of strength, flexibility, and endurance, and potentially even more pain in your lower back.

It is important to note that in some cases, you should consult your doctor like a renowned spine specialist from New Jersey if you experience numbness, pins and needles, or cannot control your arms or legs; pain in back going all the way back down the back of your leg; dull pain in one area of your spine while lying down or getting out of bed; pain increases when you cough or bend forward at waist; or you have a temperature. Any of these symptoms will mean something more serious and definitely not the “garden variety” of backache. For anything else, the exercises should help lower back pain.

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