Lords mobile – one of the best strategy games in India

Before the advent of PUBG mobile game, India’s most favorite games were a clash of clans and clash of Kings. Both these games have gained millions of gamers in India, and they still hold a prominent place in the gaming sector of India.

One of the biggest reasons behind the grand success of these two games is the ability of the players to form or establish their own clans, and so it is called clash of clans. This is not a game for the solo. Here, you compete with the other players, and that makes it interesting. But gradually these games have lost their players base over a certain period of time. Now a new strategy game is ruling the entire gaming sector of India, and it is none other than lords mobile.

Lords mobile game is a mass strategy based genre which holds immense potentiality in the Indian gaming sector. Like a clash of clans and clash of Kings, this game also requires proper strategy as well as communication to win the war. Players not only in India but also across the globe can take participation in this game.

Some important facts to know about lords mobile program

It is basically a real-time strategy game which is quite similar to the clash of clan game. This game has more than 200 million downloads all across the globe and around 17 million users from India alone. This is the game that has around thousands of daily gamers in India, and therefore, it has established a gaming community itself.

This lords mobile program allow players to earn different kinds of achievements and also battle against other guilds. To win these types of guilds war, it requires effective communication as well as a strategy with the team members. It adds more thrill to the game and enhances your playing experience.

This presence of active lords mobile community is the only reason why this game has received a bright future in India. Therefore, it is considered to be the next biggest strategy game in India. The community aims at growing its players base within India, organizing various competitions, meet-ups, giving out prizes and medals and so on.

This game has received a huge level of support from the gamers of India which cannot be boasted or received by any other game in India. It is the game which has given a tough competition to PUBG game. The lords mobile game has more than millions of daily users in India alone.

Esports is a new aspect which lords mobile program is planning to dive in. this new prospect aims at launching international tournaments for the lords mobile gamers. The company CEO is looking to replicate this new program. The planning to organize some competitive tournaments with attractive prizes in the country. They are all now hoping to make this game a big success by implementing this program the right way.

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