Liquid Diet Weight Loss Its Health Effects And Safety

Liquid diet weight loss is such a diet plan that encourages liquid meals instead of eating solid food. Like some other diet programs, its weight loss ability dwells on caloric lowering rules. Therefore most of the liquid diets are usually low in calories and high in lean protein for energy. In this type of diet, fruits and vegetable juice are highly recommended as they serve as healthy sources of vitamins. Taking green tea can make metabolism run fat and make you shed more fat.

Studies have shown that liquid diet weight loss can be harmful as they do not contain a well-balanced nutrient the body needs for its daily function. An ideal liquid diet will only give about 36 percent of the recommended daily fiber, 18 of 23 amino acids with vitamins and minerals not sufficiently supplied as required by the body for sustaining good health. This is the more reason it can not sustain a healthy lifestyle for the long term.

This type of diet plan should not last more than a week. Lunching two weeks weight loss campaign with this diet plan, you can imagine the hell your body will pass through. Don’t forget your goal is to look fit and have vibrant health. Extending this weight loss plan beyond one week will be marred by a series of health-related problems.

However, if you want to be on this diet plan for long. Swapping solid and healthy food with a liquid diet in between is encouraged for healthy lifestyle sustenance. This healthy food will help maintain the proper level of vitamins and minerals. This will keep your body healthy while still on this diet.

Liquid diets do not supply enough energy that can sustain the body during physical exercises, hence this plan can not be combined with exercise.

Health Consequences of Liquid Diet

A lot of health-related problems have been reported in the diet plan. Although a liquid diet weight loss plan is a fix through diet solution, cardiac arrhythmias have been observed in some patients placed on some liquid protein diets. Prolonged use of liquid diets has triggered muscle cramps, anemia, dizziness, menstrual abnormality, and constipation. This is why using a supplement is much better. Get PhenQ here if you are looking for long-term results from your diet.


Safety in this diet plan is largely dependent on the duration of the program. Prolonged use of liquid diets is not good and safe as it will trigger off some health problems that undermine this weight loss diet plan. Short-term use can be safe. Be as it may, if you ever wanted to embark on this program, you need your doctor’s professional expertise to guide you during the course of the program for a successful weight loss program.

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