YouTube is an ultimate source of entertainment where one can find anything, from recipes to movies. YouTube is an online streaming platform that even allows one to make money. Certain features make it a popular platform. However, there are some features on YouTube, which are limited. YouTube Vanced Apk provides you access to those features and makes your search more easy and convenient.

The molded version of YouTube

The modded version of YouTube is quite popular in the Android user community. There are certain features of the official YouTube app that you can not find on the official app as they need premium access or are hidden. The Apk unlocks those features on your phone.

It adds up ad-blocking feature, background playback without any subscription, themes, premium series, premium downloads, etc. Now, the main concern here arises is authenticity and the legality of the version. It would be best if you relaxed your nerves as it is completely a legal and authentic version of YouTube’s official app, and there are no restrictions over it. It is not a copyright version.

Benefits of YouTube Vanced

There are several benefits of YouTube Vanced; that is why it is made legal under the country’s local rights.

  • Window and video style:

if you don’t like the window style when you minimize the screen, you can change it easily in the Vanced version.

  • Allow repeat:

The official app doesn’t allow you to play a single video on the loop. That is why the Vanced version is at your rescue. It allows you to play the video on repeat.

  • Resolution and playback speed:

you can set the playback speed and video quality, and it will automatically fix the numbers for every next video.

  • Swipe controls:

swiping is much easier than pressing those hard buttons, Right? That’s is why, if you are watching a video on full-screen mode, then you have swipe control for volume and brightness so that you don’t miss any shot of the video.

  • It even offers you a picture in picture mode. Isn’t it amazing?
  • Supports HDR mode:

some Android versions don’t support HDR modes, but Vanced forces it in your phone. Through the Vanced version, you can stream the video in HDR mode.

  • Adblocking feature:

imagine you are watching an intense scene, and suddenly an ad pops up; it is such a mood breaker, Right? To save your mood, YouTube Vanced is here.

Steps to install YouTube Vanced Apk

Here are the steps to install the Vanced version:

  • Install the vanced manager for Android
  • Download the app and open
  • Initially, Select the non-root option
  • Select the option ‘install’ present next to microG
  • Tap ‘install’ next to button vanced
  • Tap the Finish button, and you are ready to use it.

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