Important Tips For Treating Fleas On Dogs And Puppies

If you have a dog, or a puppy, you should know that one thing is inevitable: you will encounter the pesky problem of fleas.

You should also know how important it is to treat this problem immediately. For one, fleas carry the larva stage of a specific type of tapeworm, which can lead to further health problems in your furry friend. In case you need another reason, consider how quickly the infestation escalades knowing that one single adult flea will lay approximately 50 eggs… every day.

Knowing that, it goes without saying that you’ll want to treat fleas as soon as you notice your dog or puppy scratching an itch. However, it’s strongly recommended that you contact your veterinarian and make an appointment for your pet to be seen, regardless of his or her age.

Why You Should See a Vet About Fleas

Sure, you can go into any store and buy over-the-counter flea medication or treatment. There are reliable name brands and there are generic versions… but here are a few reasons why you should visit the vet first.

Most vets will tell you to use a specific brand of flea medication. This has nothing to do with getting a commission, it has to do with choosing the most effective solution rather than wasting your money on something that won’t provide the desired results.

Vets will also know if a certain name brand of medication has been ineffective during that flea season.

Some dogs and puppies will have an allergic reaction to fleas. Your vet can identify an allergic reaction and provide the proper medication.

Younger puppies have sensitive skin, and you may not be able to use a chemical based flea medication. Your vet will recommend the best course of action to treat fleas based on the age, weight, and size of your dog.

Treating Fleas on a Dog or Puppy Does Not Get Rid of The Problem!

Once a pet has brought fleas into your home, the infestation does not stop in their fur. Remember that one adult flea will lay about 50 eggs every day, which means the itching will continue—including on your own ankles—until you have completely treated every single room of your house for fleas. Taking good care of your pet is your main responsibility. You have to make sure that he or she is being properly card of. You should know some basic things about the proper way of taking good care of pet such as the best way to carry your small dog, the food that is suitable for him and so many more.

Ask your vet for advice about treating your house for fleas. If you have multiple pets in your home, it goes without saying that each animal should be seen by the vet and given appropriate treatment.

In addition to any sprays, bombs, or powder that you use to treat your home… the most important step is to consistently clean and vacuum every single room of the house. Remember to maintain the recommended flea treatment with your dog or puppy every month to ensure (s)he lives a long, happy, and healthy life.

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