How To Interpret Naipes Tarot Cards

It’s stated that every Naipes Tarot card is originally made by the Fournier Playing cards company located in Vitoria, Spain. Besides, this company was actually established by Naipes Heraclio Fournier in 1868 and kept producing a complete collection of all high-quality Tarot. Every Naipes Tarot set would be comprised of one instruction booklet in different languages along with both 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. Their classic collection of Tarot is said to consist of about one Spanish Tarot, one Egyptian Tarot, one Esoteric Tarot, one Beginner Tarot, and 07 other classic ones. Not only that, but Fournier also creates another line of exception Tarot sets attached to Luis Royo’s illustration.

According to mensjournal, these 6 simple steps can help anyone as they try to interpret Naipes tarot cards on their own.

First, please select one Naipes Tarot deck taking your attention the most. Actually, you may like to choose the beginner Tarot deck in case that you’re completely new to the Tarot. Also, you properly need one scarf or one piece of cloth to lay those cards on. Doing this will help to protect those cards from any bad energy that can be on the table’s top, or even help to keep most of them clean and fresh. There’s a chance for you to burn one candle or put your favorite crystal on that table.

Second, right before reading those Naipes Tarot cards, it’s necessary to connect to them for real, and do not forget to get used to every card. Take some time to study those images and jot down your own impressions when there’s a feeling that arrives at your mind on any particular cards. Just picture that encountering the individual characters available from the deck and even learning those stories.

Third, let’s begin with all 22 Major Arcana cards until you actually turn more familiar with every card’s interpretation. Just think of one simple question, and bear in mind while you keep shuffling the cards. Have them properly shuffled until you feel energetic right from your own hands flowing into the Naipes Tarot deck. Picture them pulsing with more light.

Fourth, please separate the entire deck into three piles, and then put it on the right onto the pile farthest on the left. Just place such a complied pile right on the center pile of cards.

Fifth, you’re asked to deal out about 03 cards to reflect the past, present, and future right from the top of the pile. Read your own instruction booklet to determine the real interpretation of those cards. Consider those interpretations carefully to know whether they can apply to your questions.

Finally, when you turn to be more confident and comfy with the card reading of Naipes Tarot card deck, just try a few more advanced spreads mentioned in the instruction booklet, and place Minor Arcana to the deck as well for further details to the readings.

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