How Many Calories Does Swimming Burn

If you’re someone who’s regularly participating in swimming as a way to help boost your weight loss success, you might wonder how many calories does swimming burn.

Is it as good for fat loss as some other intense forms of exercise such as running or using the elliptical trainer?

You already know that swimming is great for those with join pain since it is much less taxing on the body, but will it produce the weight loss results you’re after?

Let’s look at some of the best weight loss shakes review that helps in calories burn.

Your Chosen Stroke

One thing that will influence how many calories swimming burns is what stroke you’re using. The front and back stroke will both be great calorie burner’s since they are going to work so many large muscle groups at once.

The butterfly stroke will burn the most calories overall as you’ll be fighting the water much more during this stroke, therefore calling your muscular power into play to a larger extent.

The butterfly stroke is excellent for helping to increase your chest and glute muscle strength, while the front stroke will be more targeted towards increasing the shoulder and quad strength.

The back stroke will help to increase the back and lats while also stimulating the hamstrings to the largest extent.

Because of this, it will actually be most ideal if you can change up your stroke as you go along your swimming workouts since this ensures that you get all body parts covered.

Your Speed

Another factor that will come into play when determining how many calories does swimming burn is the speed at which you are swimming with.

Since you can’t change the resistance level of the water in the pool, the way for you to make your swimming workouts more intense is to pick up the pace.

The faster you are swimming the more total distance you’ll travel and the more calories you will burn.

How Many Calories Does Swimming Burn?

So just how many calories does swimming burn?

For the average 150 pound person who is swimming leisurely using the front or back stroke will burn about 500 calories per hour, while if they pick up the pace and perform this stroke faster, they can hit values of between 715-750 calories per hour.

If you’re chosen stroke happens to be butterfly stroke, you’ll burn 785-800 calories per hour, so you can see just how powerful this could be for total weight loss results.

Interestingly, treading water is also a great calorie burner and simply treading for ten minutes at a fast pace to keep afloat would burn over a hundred calories, which is more than if you would have ran for 10 minutes total.

So as you can see, swimming really is a fantastic method to burn calories quickly and move one step closer to weight loss success. When answering the question of how many calories does swimming burn you definitely do need to think about the intensity in which you do it however as that will make a big difference in your total calorie burn.

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