How Industrial Hemp Can Change Our Future

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While the subject of industrial hemp may be on the lips of millions of people today, in current hemp news, and certainly on the minds of researchers and farmers alike, some of the value regarding this crop might not be the most talked-about subject among the average Joe. The benefits of having a plant that can grow in almost any soil, with very minimal maintenance, and that can be used for virtually everything, might not be on the forefront of most folk’s minds. 

Hemp food: Tasty, inexpensive, and extremely good for you; hemp seeds provide a nutritional punch while keeping your hunger satisfied and your weight down. If you’re thinking of starting a diet, think about grabbing some hemp seeds and munching down on the Omega 3 fatty acids and other essential vitamins these seeds provide. Paper: Since the dawn of time industrial hemp has been used for everyday items, including paper. 

The very first paper that human beings ever used was, in fact, made from industrial hemp, and now researchers believe we can begin turning this crop into paper, saving us some valuable forests in return. There’s some discussion about the reasons hemp was banned in the first place, decades ago. Paper companies might have felt threatened by the hemp plant’s ability to simply make better paper. In addition, this plant is cheap to grow and easy to maintain. Building materials: Stronger, tougher, sleeker, and just all-around better; industrial hemp fiber has been used for wood panels, plastics, and rope. The strong fibers are simply better than the average wood board or plastic beam, and the processing procedures to turn the plant into a building material is quicker and easier than that of its counterpart. 

Henry Ford wanted to build a car out of industrial hemp, and soon, we just might see it as a standard. Fuel: Hemp biofuel has been on the lips of almost every grower and researcher in the industrial hemp game today. Imagine a source of clean energy that could grow right in your back yard? No more drilling, no more harvesting crude oil from the Earth, and more importantly, nothing to wage wars over. Whether you believe it or not, Earth’s resources like oil can and will run out one day. 

Huge wars can and have been fought for these resources, and with plant-like industrial hemp being turned into fuel, not to mention the elimination of our dependency of oil…well… We’re slowly approaching a threshold. Industrial hemp is finally more than just a red blip on a map, and with more states finally starting to grow their own for research purposes, we just might start to see a revolution in the hemp industry.

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