Here Are Top 10 Tips To Care For And Maintain A Cigar Humidor

Cigar smoking and drinking have been in trend for almost all in many countries. Smoking a cigar sounds simple and exciting, but you need to maintain your cigar to retain its moisture content and flavor. You can follow certain tips to maintain your humidor, the device that keeps your cigar humid and prevents flavor loss.

Important things you need to do for your cigar

If you are a cigar-smoking lover, you probably must know an important feature of the cigar, i.e., humidity is highly essential to your cigar collection. Without some added humidity, your cigars will feel much dry, and they will also lose their flavor but being a regular user of the cigar, you will surely not want to lose the key feature of a cigar. The following are some important things that you need to know to keep your cigar humid and give you maximum pleasure.

  • Take care of the relative humidity

The amount of humidity is dependent on the temperature. So, you will necessarily need a cigar humidor to maintain a perfect temperature so that your cigar doesn’t dry up easily. Humidors are containers in which you are supposed to keep your cigar collection to retain its flavor and taste.

Maintain the humidor’s temperature

There is a specific range of temperature within which you need to keep your cigar for the purpose to be fulfilled. For most people, the temperature Is between 65 to 72 percent. Outside of that range, your cigars start to get into some risks of having other issues, including flavor loss.

  • Know about the 70-70 rule

If you are keen to know about the tips to keep your cigar fresh, you must know about the 70-70 rule. This means that you should keep your cigar at 70 degrees Fahrenheit in about 70 percent relative humidity. Besides this range, you should also judge your taste, i.e., keep that range of temperature that suits your taste. If you like a little bit wetter cigar, then you are free to keep the temperature at 72 percent.

  • Get the best hydrometer

Having a hygrometer Is important to support your humidor. Sometimes you get this hygrometer free with the cigar humidors, but you are supposed to buy it separately in some others. This device tells you the exact humidity inside the humidor.

  • Prefer Bluetooth or digital hygrometer over analog

Most people prefer digital hygrometer over analog one because of the correct precision. There are various other types of hygrometers In the market, as the Bluetooth hygrometer. The best benefit of these hygrometers is that you get the humidity reading directly on your device like phone, tablets, or the one to which it Is connected, and you don’t need to open the humidor as well. This is helpful because if you are opening your humidor to check the humidity, you are losing the humidity.

  • Get the best humidimeter

The whole purpose of using the humidor is to keep the leaf of the cigar moist and in good shape. You can correctly know the humidity of a cigar by using a cigar humidimeter. This accurately measures the moisture in your cigar, whether it is inside the humidor or you are enjoying it.

  • Use distilled water inside the humidor

It is better to use distilled water inside the humidor. Take a clean cloth and dip it in the distilled water and wipe down the humidor’s inlay. You need to change the wood color.

  • Don’t let the water settle in the bottom of the humidor

You should make sure that the water doesn’t settle at the bottom of the humidor and use a dry cloth to wipe it out.

  • Accommodate both humidifier and hygrometer inside the humidor

Once you place both the humidifier and hygrometer inside the humidor, let it sit for 24 hours and regularly check the humidity level shown in the hygrometer.

  • Place the cigar once all things are attached properly

Once you have cleaned the water and placed the humidifier and hygrometer inside the humidor, place the cigar inside the cigar humidor.

These are various maintenance tips for a cigar humidor. You can visit the various online site to know more about humidor maintenance tips and store tips for a cigar.

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