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I have never claimed to be a very intelligent person. The Governor of South Carolina has a unique ability, though. He has a way to make non-smart people feel very intelligent. I have been following this story fairly closely and I have had a hard time trying to figure out what Governor Sanford was thinking. Let me try and make this short and sweet.

Okay, so a big political figure is having an affair with a woman from South America. Let me tell you what I would not do. For starters, I would not leave on a secret trip to go see this woman. From what I have read, this affiar was discovered five months ago. I could not find if it was discovered by Sanford’s wife or by someone else. Here is what I do know, the affair was discovered this past week by the media and now everybody knows about it. Sanford’s political career is probably ruined and I have heard some mention that these trips to Argentina are being investigated to see if any state funds were used. For those future governors out there who are reading my blog let me give you some advice–If you are having an affair don’t do something stupid like not tell your staff where you are going or go missing for three or four days because when the media gets wind of it they are going to hound you.

The second thing I don’t understand and have not heard explained was the reason for the trip to Argentina. There are only two reasons for going to Argentina. A) Continue the affair you are having or B) Ending the affair you are having. If this affair had been discovered five months ago (again there is no clarity regarding who discovered it or even if his wife knew until we did–I assume she knew five months ago but I don’t know that) I would have to assume it must have been ended around that time. I don’t think any political figure, nevermind a possible presidential candidate, would endanger their precious political career over something so dangerous. That being said, Sanford has proved my line of thinking wrong many times over the past week.

To sum it up, I will never understand why he left the state for as long as he did without a great excuse for leaving. He could have at least tried to keep this affair quit (with his families permission and for his families sake) but no, how about going on a long trip where nobody in the world knows where I am, not even my closest advisors. I don’t know if we will ever know the reason he went to Argentina two weekends ago. I hope he went to end this thing. I still have no clarity on that issue. I mean maybe it took him a few days to apologize and stop this affair. We all know how women can be about these things, and understandbly so to the few women who might read this. People have their faults, I always point that out when I write an article like this and I have my own, but I at least try to keep my faults too a few a week. I don’t try to practice all of them in a three or four day span.

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