Get Back With My Ex Boyfriend – How To Get Success!!

How can I get my ex boyfriend back? Girls, sometimes it’s hard to know just what to do after you’ve had a breakup in a romantic relationship. How do you go about rekindling his love for you? You don’t want to lose him, but you certainly don’t want to drive your ex away by being too intense either.

It’s a tricky situation to say the least. Getting your ex boyfriend back into a relationship sometimes requires you to do the opposite to what you think is right. Using ‘counter-intuitive’ strategies can work, provided you do it well and stick to your plan.

Here’s a short story about a friend of mine, “Rachel”, who had this very same predicament and how she dealt with the relationship problem of getting her ex back even though it seemed he had fallen out of love with her and all was lost.

How to Get Back With My Ex Boyfriend by Rekindling His Love?

After about two and a half years, my partner suddenly decided that he wasn’t ready for a serious relationship. He believed that he needed his ‘own space’, and that it would be for us to go our own separate ways, living our own separate lives. Sound familiar?

Rachel realized then and there that she needed to figure out how to get back with her ex boyfriend by re-igniting the love that somehow had been lost in their romance. She didn’t want to lose him and was desperate, and would try anything to get her ex back.

She knew that her ex boyfriend wanted to be ‘one of the boys’ with his friends. A male thing! He felt that he was missing out on something somehow. Deep down, even though Rachel realized that what her boyfriend was going through was completely natural for many men, it didn’t stop her from being absolutely inconsolable for a while, crying constantly and feeling that her whole world had collapsed around her.

At first, she thought that it was something had done, or had not done. It was her fault their relationship had broken up. Mistakenly, Rachel believed the best solution was to call her ex boyfriend constantly, trying to figure out where he was and what he was doing all the time. That would show him that she really loved him. For the finding of loving partner, a click can be made at site. The spending of the time and efforts with the partner will deliver the best results to the girl. The interest and dislikes of the boy are in the consideration of the girls to get the best results. The showing of the love and care will deliver the effective results. 

Rachel found herself feeling terribly jealous every time she was told that her ex was out with his buddies. All of her close friends kept telling her to stop calling, stop texting, and stop trying to figure out what he was up to all the time! But it took her a really long time to learn how to listen to what her friends were saying.

Her friends were giving Rachel good advice. What was the point of always feeling depressed, upset and jealous? It certainly wasn’t working for her. Her ex boyfriend wasn’t jumping hoops to get back with her by any means!

Rachel’s friends were telling her that if she wanted to rekindle the love she shared with her ex boyfriend, she needed to stop feeling and acting desperate, and put a little distance between herself and him so that he could begin to realize how important she was to him.

The penny dropped! She realized she had to do something different. Doing what she thought was the right way to go about getting her ex back sucked! She needed to use counter-intuitive strategies. Rachel decided to stop texting, calling and going around to see her ex. She effectively cut off all communication with him. It wasn’t easy, but she knew she had to try it if she wanted her ex back.

And, you know what? It worked! Even though it took a few weeks, Rachel’s ex boyfriend began to realize more and more that he wanted to have her in his life. By playing hard to get, Rachel had given him the chance to realize how badly he missed her.

In fact, it works for many people just like this. The more ‘cool’ you act about the whole relationship situation, and ‘the harder to get you play’, more often than not you’ll end up with the results you want. Rachel did!

So, although you may believe that the best course of action to get your ex back is to call, text and message him as much as possible to talk things through after a breakup, it can be a mistake. It can actually be much more advantageous for you to play it cool, play hard to get, and let him come to you when he is ready to do so.

Step back and play things cool for a while. Put a little bit of distance between you and your ex and stop all lines of communication, it really isn’t going to hurt anything. But, it could do a world of good for rekindling love and getting your ex boyfriend back into the relationship you once shared.

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