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Fix A Relationship By Avoiding Love Killer Phrases

Often times, starting a relationship with someone you love dearly is not an issue. It is the maintenance part of keeping it happy, loving and harmonious that is causing much headache and heartache. Remember, every individual is unique in their own way in terms of personality and mindset. As such, you are bound to have some kind of disagreements and fights at one time or another throughout your relationship. However, you can fix a relationship and maintain it well by avoiding this pitfall: 3 common love killer phrases to avoid will minimize your disagreements and fights in your relationship. If you want to have the right fix, then you can learn about the seniors dating apps. Dating sites for seniors will allow them to get the perfect match. There is fixing of the problems among the senior people. A great experience is available in dating through the applications.

# 1 Love Killer Phrases

Don’t tell your partner how your family would have managed things.

Every partner comes from a different background as he/she has been brought up by different family with different ways of life. You may be very comfortable with handling things the way your family used to, but try not to ask your partner to take your family as model in life. Instead, fix a relationship by understanding that your partner has his/her own views and opinion of how to handle things. What you can do is to share stories on how you were brought up and how things have been managed by your family. This is a more subtle way of conveying your intended message to your partner without agitating your partner. Hopefully your partner will be able to gain some insight from your stories.

# 2 Love Killer Phrases

Don’t talk to your partner about your ex in a special moment.

Remember not to talk about the things you have done with your ex during your date night. If you have gone to the same place before with your ex, just keep it to yourself. Don’t tell your partner the experiences you had with your ex during your last visit to this same place. No partner will like to be compared with especially with your ex. Even when you are in bed with your partner, try not to mention how great your ex was in bed. This will definitely hurt your partner’s feeling. Your partner may be thinking that he/she is not as good as your ex, and it will definitely leave negative effect in your relationship.

#3 Love Killer Phrases

Don’t criticize your partner when he/she is doing his/her best.

Do not criticize your partner who is trying very hard to get a job done even though he/she is not good at it. Your partner will feel disappointed that you do not even appreciate the fact that he/she is putting in the best effort possible in getting the job done. Instead of hurling criticism, try to fix a relationship by showing or helping your partner in doing that job.

Maintaining a happy, loving and harmonious relationship takes work and effort. Hence, be mindful of your speech by avoiding the love killer phrases in your relationship.

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