First Step Social Selling Business

Social Selling can be really confusing especially if your business is just starting out on social media

Where do you start? How do you set up?

There is a mix-mash of so many questions and this will guide you through the first six steps and questions to consider answering before starting out on social media for your business

STEP ONE – Determine why you want your business to be on social media.

It seems like an easy to answer the question but it really isn’t. Your reasons for setting up a social media presence for your brand must be reflected in your brand’s ultimate objectives.

If these two do not agree then you must align the two together

The Coca-Cola brand has been known for community building and promoting happiness among consumers and that objective is hugely reflected on social media. Try as much as possible to reflect your offline brand objectives on social media, your clients must be able to appreciate both the offline and social media experience as the same thing. This will also help you in achieving your objectives. For that buy tiktok fans cheap or do paid promotions to get the word out as quickly as you can. 

STEP TWO – Identify your target social media audience

Yes, they may seem to be anybody on social media but you must be able to first of all work out your demographics and psycho-graphics.

Determine who your product is for, what social media platform they use often, and what matters to them when choosing a vendor on social media

Social selling can only be initiated when you first know who you want to sell your products to

Without this, you will be trying to reach everybody and nobod

STEP THREE – Outline what you intend to share on social media

Please don’t answer this question by saying “my products”

Truth is people are nudged to buy something everywhere they go online that’s why some smart guy invented Ad Blocker

If you only share your products and your services on your social media page then you will be running daily adverts on your social media page which is totally boring!

So, carefully outline NOT the features of your product but the feelings that come with using your product and express this as your content

Social selling then happens when your audience wants to experience the same feeling and then you can make a sale. So think Rich Content that will be valuable and evoke emotion

Let’s say you sell hair extensions, someone who wants great hair is more likely to buy from a brand that has been teaching her how to manage hair extensions and little tricks to making them last longer – solving a common problem.

STEP FOUR – Determine how you will achieve your social media objectives

So you now know what to share and your target audience, how do you get to work?

You must clearly choose your tools, your team, and your budget. Spell out how you will create and curate content for your social media feed, how often you will share, and how much you will spend on social advertising.

Knowing all of this makes it a whole lot easier to execute and ensures consistency from your brand

STEP FIVE – Choose your social media platforms

You cannot be everywhere!

Choose your platforms based on your target audience, you don’t want to be wasting too much time on LinkedIn if you are into photography or make-up

Spend more time where your target audience use often and less effort on the others

STEP SIX – Set your Milestones

Finally, you must set your milestones.

What do you want to achieve at a certain period, this will help you stay on track and measure the progress you make on social media

Take some minutes and currently assess what step you currently are on establishing a social media presence for your brand.

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