Everything That You Need To Know About Hay Bales

Minecraft shouldn’t be categorised as a game because it is an emotion. If you do not know what Minecraft is, then you need to come out of your bat cave and look around in the outside world. Minecraft is one of the best-pixelated games you can ever find, and it is considered one of the most addictive games on the internet. A surprising fact is that Minecraft doesn’t even take too much space, but it is considered one of the best games, that people buy separate devices for the same.

In this article, we will talk about one of those pixelated blocks that you use to play Minecraft. The block we are talking about is a hay block, also known as hay bales. Let us understand what this does and the chances of you utilising the same in this article. So if you have a semi-full access Minecraft account, you would be able to understand this article.

What are hay bales blocks?

If you are one of the newbies that have just started the game, you would see that they are only present in the game for decorative purposes, and you would even find them in streams that pro players do on discord, that they have decorated their space with the help of hay bale blocks.

This is surprisingly common because they are used for decorative purposes, but they have a deeper purpose.

Now the primary function of hay is to provide food for your domesticated cattle, such as donkeys, cows, buffaloes, etc. They serve as food for livestock cattle and livestock mobs. You can even feed them to mules, llamas, and horses. However, there are multiple uses of these hay bales. You can utilise them for various purposes, such as building your castle or building material in any other structure.

What are the other purposes that they are used for?

There are several things that they are used for, and here it is compiled into points that would be easier to understand for you. The points are mentioned below.

They are as follows:-

  • Useful for regeneration of cattle

Now you can easily find hay bales inside Minecraft if you go on to farms or the next level stage, or you can easily create your hay bales by combining nine pieces of wheat onto the construction bar.

We know that the general purpose of these hay bales is to provide food to the livestock available, but they are also used for the regeneration of cattle. There is a certain love mode that is available for the cattle, such as donkeys and horses. If you place these hay bales near them, they start eating the same and producing babies. This would be a great way to update your cattle.

Also, they are helpful in regeneration purposes which is that they can heal up to 10 hearts of your cattle life. You can even use them for babies, and they would grow up quicker than the rest.

  • Fall damage

Consider yourself jumping from a one storey building onto the ground, which is made up of hard concrete, and then onto the ground, which is filled with hay bales. You can come out unscathed if you fall onto the hay bales present on the ground. This is exactly what happens in Minecraft. If you are planning to jump from somewhere, you can put hay bales below, which would minimise the damage by up to 80%.

You can use them for falling from a very high place so that you won’t have to spend one heart on a silly fall.

  • Smoke signals

It is very difficult to detect other players in Minecraft as everything is pixelated around. If you are comfortable with these pixels, it would be not easy to call them as you cannot talk to them.

If you are sitting in a campfire and you want to call someone who is far away and cannot detect you, you can easily put or throw some hay bales into the fire, and you would be able to send a smoke signal to them revealing your position as to where you are.

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