Difference Between Russian Hair & Japanese Hair Extension

So you’ve made the decision, you’re going to invest in hair extensions and you’re doing your due diligence to find out what’s available on the market to you. Hair extensions are a widely growing trend and thus, the industry is highly competitive.

Here at Salon Shique, we believe our best clients are our most informed clients. We want you to understand, in fine detail, the start to finish the process of choosing, applying, and caring for your hair extensions. First and foremost, and in our expert opinion, understanding the kind of hair extensions available to you is the best starting point.

There are two huge players in the hair extension game, Russian hair extensions and Japanese hair extensions. Do all the research you want on each kind or just sit back and let us easily summarize the winning difference between the two. In the end, it really boils down to a matter of, TEXTURE!

The texture of your hair compared to the texture of the hair extension is the most important factor to consider when choosing between Russian and Japanese hair extensions. Japanese hair extensions have to undergo a harsh chemical process to prepare them for salon application. This is due to the fact that Japanese hair is often thicker, coarser, and darker than majority of the clients sourcing it for hair extension purposes throughout Australia and the Western world. Different between the various types of artificial hair should be clear to the men and women using them. The application of the right color and washing is required so that no harm is there to the natural hairs. The popularity is increasing with the best wig selection like rajout cheveux.

Russian hair extensions are generally more suited for clients with a finer hair texture as the hair does not have to undergo any harsh processes to refine it. Because Russian hair has not been processed, it will behave just as your normal hair would in various salon treatments such as colouring and styling. Afterwards, and as you care for your Russian hair extensions at home, you will find that there is little maintenance as the hair will blend seamlessly with that of your natural hair’s texture and overall composition.

You know your hair and you know your desired end result. And now, you know a little bit more about the different types of hair extensions available to you. Perhaps Japanese hair extensions are the proper fit, and if you have Japanese hair we would certainly agree with you! However, if you’re starting with a genetic base of finer, lighter, softer hair; chances are Russian hair extensions are the best solution for you.

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