Diet And Exercise The Easy Way

The health, diet, and exercise industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world today, with supplements, diet plans, diet clubs, low-fat food options, exercise equipment, and books all contributing to the vast turnover. The use of health clubs, gyms, general fitness centers, and personal trainers is becoming very common these days as more and more people are aware of the need to keep their bodies in shape.

However, the need to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year to get in shape is not necessary if you can find the motivation to make a few very basic changes to your lifestyle.

The first step, even before you think about any sort of exercise program, is to start a food diary and this PhenQ review will help you in choosing the best diet plan according to your body type. For at least a week, keep an accurate record of everything that you eat. Yes, even the few French fries that you ate because the kids didn’t – no cheating. After the first week, take an A4 pad and divide this into two columns. The headings will be ‘good food’ and ‘not so good food’. Then starting at the beginning, allocate everything you have eaten during the week of keeping your food diary to one of these columns. You will be amazed at how much food you have consumed when you see the final list.

Now, cross off the things that contain sugar, a lot of salt, and fat that solidifies at room temperature from your ‘good’ list, and add more things that are good for you like extra vegetables, lean meat, fruit, and filtered water. This is now your shopping list and the main ingredient list for your meals.

When you go shopping, only buy the things on your list, and remember to always do your grocery shopping after you have eaten. If you are hungry when you are shopping, you are always tempted by the sweet stuff.

Try and eat at least five small meals a day and if you are used to eating from a 12-inch dinner plate, buy yourself a 9 inch one. Your meals will look more substantial if you use a smaller plate. When you sit down to eat, take your time and put your cutlery down in between each mouthful. As soon as you begin to feel full, stop eating and throw away any leftovers. Listen to your body.

Now for the exercise bit, make your exercise easy and fun. If you begin by trying to do a 5-mile run, you will find that you will soon give up if you have not exercised for a while. So start by putting on a pair of comfy shoes; put the dog on a leash and walk. No need for an expensive gym membership, as long as you walk briskly along to get your heart pumping a bit faster you will reap the rewards.

As soon as you are finding the walking easy, it will be time to up the ante. Incorporate some interval training into your daily walks by jogging for 1 minute then walking for 3 and so on. Keep increasing the jogging time until your time on the road is all jogging.

It is always good if you have a friend to join you in your new exercise and diet plan. You will be able to motivate each other and you will find it harder to skip your daily walk if someone else is relying on you.

If you follow this very simple exercise routine, in conjunction with the change of eating habits, I can absolutely guarantee that you will lose those extra pounds in a safe and healthy way.

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