Complete Dumbbells Only Workout For Bigger And Stronger Chest

You can get any workout done by using only the equipment you’ve got or even no equipment at all. If you’ve got access to a gym, you’ve got everything you need, but even if you’re training at home and a pair of dumbbells is all you’ve got – that’s quite enough too. Besides that, if you are also looking to add supplements to your diet, Money Off Supps Discount Codes can help you there.

Today we’re going to look at a chest workout that you can do with dumbbells only. You will also need an incline bench for some exercises in this routine. So if you’ve got one (or if you can improvise and make one yourself out of a board) you can do this workout at home, or you can do it at a gym.

Let’s cover the exercises in the workout first. 

Incline Close Grip Dumbbell Press

The close grip press works the upper part of the chest muscles. To perform the exercise, hold the dumbbells pushed together and press them up. Keep your elbows close to your body and always keep the dumbbells pushed together.

Single Arz Flat Bench Dumbbell Press

Unilateral exercises help you in two ways. First, they allow you to address any muscle imbalances, and secondly, they engage your core so you get indirect core training in the same exercise. To perform the single-arm dumbbell press, keep your torso rigid so you don’t rotate with the weight and press that dumbbell up.

Dumbbell Flys

This is a great chest isolation exercise and we’re also going to superset it with pushups. When doing the dumbbell flys, don’t move the weights to a close grip at the top, but rather stop at about your shoulder width. This way your chest muscles spend more time under tension as the close grip at the top allows the muscles to rest. So don’t let them rest, keep the intensity high.

Underhand Dumbbell Flys

Another incline bench exercises to isolate the chest muscles. To perform the exercise, start with weights down in an underhand grip as if you’d do a bicep curl. Now bring the weights up by keeping your elbows fixed (slightly bent) and lifting with your shoulders only. Bring the dumbbells to a close at the top. Focus on the peek muscle contraction at the top of the exercise as well as muscle stretch at the bottom. Really let the arms go back as far as possible and close the grip at the top for maximum contraction.

The Workout

Here’s the complete workout using the above exercises:

  • Incline close grip dumbbell press – 4×15
  • 4×15 Single arm flat bench dumbbell press – 4×15 each arm
  • 4×15 each arm Dumbbell fly’s superset with pushups – 3×15
  • superset with – 3×15 Underhand dumbbell flys – 3×15

So this workout consists of only 5 exercises but we’re going for a higher rep range. Choose weights so that you’re really pushing your limits at the end of each set. If a set is too easy for you, increase the weight for the next one, or slow down your eccentric movements. If you can’t complete a set in good form, choose lighter dumbbells.

Try this workout next time you have access to a pair of dumbbells and an incline bench and it will really work those chest muscles.

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