Building Up Your Triceps In A Hurry

Triceps are small muscles located along the side-back of your upper arms. Exercises such as barbell curls and overhead presses don’t really work them but there are several moves that are excellent for creating bigger triceps. You can target the muscles very precisely and see visible growth in just a few weeks.

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How to Get Bigger in a Hurry

Muscles grow more quickly when you complete repetitions (reps) in three batches to the point where you can’t move your arms anymore. There is no set weight value to recommend: that depends on your current strength level, but these are small muscles. You can’t lift as much with triceps as you can with your biceps. For quick growth, however, build up your weight quickly, adding at least 2 lbs every time and working the same muscle group every second day. Supplement with high-quality protein powder to cement the deal. Pure, filtered whey powder is the best product for muscle growth.

Two-Armed Tricep Reps

The first exercise is a backward press with weights. Place your feet shoulder’s width apart and secure your core. Hold a free weight in each hand and press back as far up as you can slowly, repeating 8 to 10 times before relaxing and stretching out the muscle for 30 seconds. Go back to your rep set twice more.

Use those same weights from the previous exercise and keep your arms lifted to the back. Now press the weights together eight to ten times, keeping arms raised and straight. When you press the weights together try not to let your arms drop. At the end of your last set of reps keep your hands together and see how many times you can lift them straight up and back in that position before you simply can’t do it anymore.

Overhead Weights

A second exercise will involve movement over your head. Stand with feet shoulder’s width apart and lift a single weight over your head. Hold your arms up straight then bend backwards. Exertion is in the movement back upwards but don’t totally straighten your arms. Keep movement slow and controlled. Complete the same number of reps three times.

No Weights

Position yourself seated on the edge of a bench with your hands beside your hips and fingers facing forward, and lower your body down. Use your arms to lift yourself back up. When you take a break between sets of reps, sit on the bench then release your bum once more and keep going until you complete three sets.

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