Arden Grange dog food from Champion Pet Supplies

A completely balanced meat-based diet, containing all the essential amino acids, fats, vitamins and minerals in the correct proportions for each stage of your dog’s life. Really tasty too, as the primary ingredient is fresh chicken. Arden Grange contains top quality ingredients, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. It also contains no beef, wheat gluten, soya or dairy produce, which are often associated with food intolerance or hypersensitivity in dogs. (Compare the ingredient list with your current dog food!) The amount to feed depends on the age, weight and activity level of your dog – there is a feeding guide on every pack. GRADUATE – from 10 weeks to approx. 1 year, depending on breed. Toy dogs may remain on graduate as it has a small bite-size and contains the concentrated nutrition that small dogs need.

 500g £1.79 2.5kg £7.27 7.5kg £18.59 15kg £34.54 PRESTIGE – for adult dogs with a high energy need, bitches in whelp, etc.

500g £1.85 2.5kg £7.51 7.5kg £19.22 15kg £36.14 Feeding Volumes and Cost per day.

Because Arden Grange is easy for your dog to digest, you will need to feed much less in volume than with cheaper, cereal-based foods or tinned food. You will also notice much less waste coming out of the other end of your dog! If you are feeding tinned food at the moment, you will be surprised to find that you will actually save money by changing to a much higher quality food, such as Arden Grange. Examples of feeding Arden Grange Adult:

IOkg dog, e.g. a Bichon or Jack Russell, requires approx. 150g per day. A 15kg bag would last 100 days, costing 3 lp per day to feed / £2.17 per week.

20kg dog, e.g. a Border Collie or Springer Spaniel, requires approx. 250g per day. A 15kg bag would last for 60 days, costing 52p per day to feed / £3.64 per week.

30kg dog, e.g. a Labrador or Boxer, requires approx. 330g per day. A 15kg bag would last for 46 days, costing 68p per day to feed / £4.76 per week. Changing food

Always change your dog from one food to another gradually, to allow their digestive system time to adapt. You can check some of the best products for your dog on this website link. Start by mixing a small amount of the new food in with their usual meal, and gradually increase the proportion of new food and correspondingly decrease the amount of the old food, perhaps over a week. Once your dog is happy on the new food then do not chop and change the food; a dog’s digestive system does not take kindly to changes. A dog will eat to fulfill its energy needs, and does not require different tastes – he will be perfectly happy on the same food all the time. ADVANTAGES OF CHANGING FROM TINS TO ARDEN GRANGE

 Your dog wins because he is getting a top quality balanced diet which fulfills all his needs, and which tastes good. It also helps to keep his teeth clean. You win because you no longer need to carry heavy tins home, and you are saving money. It is also cleaner and easier to feed, and easier to clean up after your dog. The environment wins because there will be fewer tins being made and having to

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