An Expert Details 4 Types Of Fish Oils People Can Pick From

As the world becomes increasingly knowledgeable about healthy living, theres been a marked increase in the interest in omega-3 fish oils and the incredible benefits to health. What gives fish oil its health benefits is the fact that they are loaded with omega-3 acids which possesses great benefits to health. A handful of instances of the benefits of omega-3s are reduction of the chances of of heart disease & strokes and reduction of depression, and some even claim that they enhance fat loss.

Our Diets Are Lacking

Lately, the diets of most people have been deviating from fish and more towards other meats, such as beef and chicken. As a result, the average person isnt getting enough quantities of the healthful fish oil supplements in significant supply in fish, and losing the healthful benefits. Even if you make the decision to switch your diet around and start eating substantial amounts of seafood, you would unfortunately be at a very great risk of consuming toxic contaminants.Since our environmental regulations have not been able to address the contamination in our waters, its incredibly likely that one will be consuming a large quantity of polluted seafood to be able to obtain the omega-3s that your body requires.

Fish Oils: The Solution

The ideal course of action here is for you to take fish oils. Fish oils contain omega-3 fatty acids as their medicinal substance, so one may obtain all their omega-3 fatty acid requirements from them. Not every fish oil is the same, though. Lets try to evaluate a handful of popular kinds of omega-3 fish oils.

Natural Omega-3 Fish Oil

Natural fish oils contain a 30% or lower concentration of fish oils. This means that for each 1000 mg of “natural” fish oil, you will get 300 mg of omega-3 fatty acids. This is a fairly measly amount and you can do much better with a greater concentration fish oils. The downside to this variety is because its all natural, there is increased chance of natural fish oils being polluted with toxic contaminants.

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Pharmaceutical-Grade Fish Oil

A choice for people that desire to minimize the risk of toxins is to buy pharmaceutical-grade fish oil supplements. These fish oil are highly concentrated and purified of toxins. What this means is that you consume larger quantities of omega-3 acids and you are sure that they contain zero contamination. Exactly how much more omega-3s are we talking about? Pharmaceutical-grade omega-3 fish oils contain an omega-3 fatty acid concentration of at least 60%. Thats double what you see in natural omega-3 fish oils.

Cod Liver Oil

Some people might make the mistake of thinking that cod liver oils are basically similar to all other fish oil supplements. While cod liver oil is, in theory, a fish oil, there are some significant points one definitely should be aware of prior to consuming cod liver oil as a supplement. Essentially, there was research that demonstrated that the Vitamin A in cod liver oil (which comes in the form of retinol) can actually be harmful to ones body. A handful of these harmful side effects are hip fractures, joint aches and hair loss. Cod liver oils are alright if you are sure certain the Vitamin A amounts arent excessive, but there are significantly better ways to get your omega-3 fatty acids.

Salmon Oil Supplements

Salmon oil is one of the most recent to join the fish oil supplement bandwagon. I happen to like how salmon tastes, whether baked or fried. As an omega-3 supplement however, there is much to be desired. Because salmon are pretty high up in the food chain, there is a markedly higher risk of pollution from toxins. It wouldnt hurt to get your fish oil source from fish lower on the food chain, such as sardines and anchovies.

Fish oils have made it easier to get your daily omega 3s than ever before. Thanks to the broad variety of omega-3 fish oil pills around, it should not be a problem to buy a product that will satisfy you and your budget. There is no reason to not get your daily dose of omega-3s anymore.

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