As you expand your family in Sims 4, you eventually have kids who must go to school. To progress through school, they need to complete their homework. To ensure that your kids get top grades in school, they must do their homework regularly. When sims become a child or teens, they automatically receive a homework book in their inventory. A yellow book labeled ‘Grade school homework’ is given to children while teens receive a blue book titled ‘homework.’

Homework in school

If your child receives at least a B grade from the school, they give the option of ‘Do extra credit’ after completing their regular homework. Adults can help the children to speed up their work. In Sims 4, even if children cannot complete their tasks on time, they can still maintain high performance by building their skills. If the child misplaces his workbook, they can buy another book from their inventory or borrow from other sims.

There are four child sims skills such as creativity, mental, motor, and social. If the child reaches level 3 in all four, they get the option of ‘Breeze through homework,’ which helps do the homework faster. Similarly, if the child gets to skill level 7, they get the chance to ‘dominate homework,’ which helps to go through tasks quickly.

Doing homework together 

In Sims 3, there was a feature through which siblings or friends could do homework together. To understand in Sims 4 how to do homework together, one has to pay for a stuff pack or expansion. Depending on children’s traits, they can be paired together, which helps them do their homework and distracts them.

Homework in University

There is a whole new type of homework in Sims 4 when you reach university. If you do your homework well, you can even get a scholarship. The student receives an assignment in every class they have to complete before attending the next class. If you want to get an A+ degree in your college, you have to start doing homework even before the classes start.

There is a black and white workbook in the inventory to do your homework. Click on it and on the class’ homework which you have to complete. There are a couple of options to do your homework more quickly. The first is to add the study spot lot trait to your sims house. The second is to gain the research and debate skills in the game as sims with higher debate and research skills can complete their term papers much quickly.

Students that miss their homework can make up for it by studying extra hours or edit term papers to be of outstanding quality; However, to get the highest grades, it is recommended that students complete their homework on time. Thus to have a happy and successful life, homework is a necessary evil. It pays off in the long run, especially if one gets scholarships or a degree. You may loathe doing homework, but it actually helps a lot!

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