A Complete Guide About Rise Of Kingdoms Commanders To Guide Beginners!

Rise Of Kingdoms, a strategy based game that you can play with your friends and siblings to have the ultimate gaming experience. After downloading the game from your on-device app store, you need to understand its controls and basics. It is also good to focus on the tutorial to know about how to play the game like a pro. After learning the basics from the tutorial, you can head over to the real challenges and test your skills. While playing this game, players should give their best to boost up their progress speed. 

When you get started, you need to work on certain tasks to reach advanced stages. First of all, you should build your own kingdom and a strong army of high-tier troops. While playing this game, players can attack each other kingdoms to loot resources. You should always keep this thing in mind. Try to protect your kingdom from opponents, and it is also important to implement some effective tips and tricks to perform better. Players have an option to join alliances to get help from fellow members. In order to know more about the main aspects of the game, you should keep reading this post. 

What do you want to know about commanders? 

If you are playing Rise Of Kingdoms, you may know all about commanders. Well, there are almost 34 commanders available to choose from. All of these commanders are not the same, and each one has unique skills, traits, stats, and talents. With the help of choosing the best commanders, you can get numerous advantages in the game. When you go on the attack, you should set these commanders on defense. You can add two commanders – primary and secondary ones. 

It is also important for players to know about how to level up commanders. In order to level up a commander, you need to give it XP. It is not easy to get XP for your commanders, so you need to pay attention to experts’ tips. Players can acquire XP through battles and by using the tome of knowledge items. If the commanders reach the max level, you need to increase their level cap; otherwise, they will not earn XP anymore from the battles. 

Let’s know about the strongest commanders 

When it comes to choosing the best commanders, most players face numerous problems. If you are also one of them, you need to be selective in your approach. You need to get familiar with different commanders in order to choose the strongest ones. Many commanders are out there, but you should go for the strongest ones to improve your progress speed. Here, we are going to discuss the best commanders based on their role – 

  • Cleopatra VII – She is considered the best commander as she has the gathering trait. It means you can use this commander to gather resources. You can also get other benefits by using this commander after unlocking her different skills. 

  • Boudica – When you look for the best commanders, you can opt for Boudica. She has an active solid skill, and you can use it to fight against other players. Most players always choose this commander to get advantages in the game. 
  • Charles martel – he is one of the solid commanders that you can use to defend your resources. By unlocking the different skills of this commander, you can get additional benefits. 

Well, every commander has a talent tree with three specialties, and you need to know about it. You can get more talents points for your commanders when they gain a level. By considering these essential things, you can easily upgrade your commanders and make them powerful.

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