5 Things To Ensure Your House Is Protected Against Robbery

If somebody breaks into your house while you are home, the law allows you to protect your property with the use of reasonable force. This means that you can not use unnecessary force. The line differentiating these two definitions can only be determined through a court of law when it is claimed you have been over zealous in your reaction to your privacy being infringed. Because of this being such a complicated area of law it is best if you take certain precautions to eliminate such an event occurring in the first place.

There are five simple things you can put in place to make your home more secure against robbery and these are outlined below:

Buy a dog. You need not go as far as buying a savage guard dog as the simple presence of a dog on your premises is usually enough to deter even the most brazen robber. Criminals who are entering someone else’s property illegally don’t want to get caught on the property and the presence of a dog could awaken others on the property or your neighbours, to their presence. Besides they could get bitten. A dog with a loud bark is as good as a burglar alarm and draws attention to where the intruder is. Something a would be robber would rather avoid as it’s much easier to move onto a house which doesn’t have a dog.

Burglar alarm. If you don’t want a dog, or can’t have a dog, the next best thing is a burglar alarm. Especially one that makes a loud frightening noise and incorporates a bright light. Two things a robber will not want to confront, a loud noise and a bright light. There are many burglar alarms on the market and it will pay you to seek out the type of alarm that would suit you best. Some people have a trip wire system set up around the house. Others have them installed in windows and doors. Parc Central Residences will have the protected houses with the strong construction. The installing of the windows and doors is through the experts. When an unknown people will come, there is ringing of the alarm. It will keep the people safe from the thieves. It is an essential thing to consider.

Securing sliding glass doors. You can make sliding glass doors secure by placing a pole or a small rod in the lower track that can only be removed from the inside. This means the pole would have to be broken before the door could be opened from the outside, something regular human force is unlikely to achieve.

Securing sliding windows. Sliding windows can be made secure by drilling a small hole through the inside track frame and sliding window frame while the window is shut. You then insert a small but strong pin into the hole you have drilled and the widow is securely locked. To open the window all you need do is to remove the pin.

Security shutters. Many people install security shutters on their windows. These shutters can be electrically driven or wound up and down manually. Their biggest downfall is that they make it harder to use the window as a fire escape although there are new items on the market that can be opened easily from the inside by pushing on them.

If the Worst Should Happen Insurance can Help Ease the Pain

Whatever security measures you take you still need to look at house contents insurance as an important protection. Some thieves are determined to get what they want no matter what precautions you take. To make certain you are protected against loss you will find that personal property insurance is designed to give you cover should your belongings be stolen, lost or destroyed in a house fire or accident of any description. Under such a cover, besides your own items being protected, so will anything in the home that is owned by your family members who live there with you. This type of protection will replace any items lost in such a way, by either having them replaced by another of the same value or their actual cash value. Plus, many insurance companies will require that you have protected your property with the necessary security measures before approving your policy.

Besides your personal property being protected against robbers you can also have your small boat covered under the same policy. Any property of special value will also be covered but will need to be itemised separately. These are property items such as antiques, computers, guns, coins, stamps, works of art, furs and jewellery as well as any other item of special value.

If the unthinkable does happen and you are placed in a position where you have to make a claim you will find it much easier for everybody if you keep a detailed inventory of everything you own that is in your home. You should also mark valuable items in such a way so they can be easily identified. Some people have been known to engrave their motor car licence number on their tools and other valuables. By doing

this you are assisting police in their eventual investigation of the theft. Most burglaries are committed by people looking for something they can sell in order to purchase drugs, and if you have your property marked in some way, it can be more readily identified when police interview the person the property has been sold to.

By making it harder for a thief to break into your home to steal your property you will deter most would be robbers. You should remember most thieves are not all that bright and will always choose the easiest pickings rather than run the risk of being caught. The more secure you make your home the less likelihood you will ever have of experiencing a break-in.

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