5 Rules To Bring Back Your Ex Girlfriend!

If you want to bring back your ex girlfriend then you have to do a lot of hard work on yourself and your mindset, and if you even did not manage to bring your girlfriend back, you will become the best person you can ever be.

A break up is actually a chance. A chance that can make or break your life.

Your goal should be to get the break up to work in your favor, and not against you.

You have to see the break up as a chance to change the bad things you always hate about yourself.

By working on yourself and changing your mindset you will get at least one of the following benefits:

  • You will become a better and more attractive person which will make it easier for you to get many girls in your life and most of them will be better than your ex girlfriend.
  • You may manage to bring back your ex girlfriend.

So you will either get number one or both number one and number two as well. It is a must win situation.

How to bring back your ex girlfriend?!

A real man is a strong man. By saying strong, I do not mean that you should have big muscles (although it is nice to have), but I mean to be emotionally strong.

The emotionaly strongest man on earth is the one who like things and love persons but he does not let himself be too attached to any of them. He does not have too much expectations from people and so he never get disappointed.

In order to bring your girlfriend back, you have to be not very attached to her love and to accept the fact that the relationship may end at anay time because of any reason and this should not stop your life… Yes, your life may be affected a little and for a little time because you are a human not a robot, but it will not stop at any cost.

2) Get over her!

First, you have to know that I do not want you to forget her when I tell you to get over her. All you have to do is to become able to live a happy life without her and so being single is no longer a problem, however your single and happy life would be even happier if you managed to bring her back to your life.

You may have read before that in order to get your girlfriend back, you have to get over her. This is completely right and here is why…

When you manage to become happy even without her, then even if you are trying to bring her back into your life, you will not try to get her back out of neediness or because you need her but because you love her and want to share your happy moments with her.

Neediness is one of the most dangerous attraction killers, and if you managed to get over your ex and tried to get her back without showing the needy kid inside you, hen this will dramatically increase your chances of getting her back.

Right after a break up, raising your self esteem is the first thing you should do because of two important things:

The first benefit is: Your self esteem plays an important rule of getting over your ex. Some people think they will still love their exes and will never manage to forget them because they loved them more than anyone else, however the truth that their unconscious mind hides from them is that it’s a self esteem issue i.e. your ego.

It is normal for a dumped guy to feel bad. This is a normal reaction to the rejection you got from your ex girlfriend when she broke up with you.

Your ego is severely harmed right after the break up. The only viable solution you see to stop that ego pain is when your ex comes and say “sorry dear. I didn’t really mean it! You are very important for me! I love you so much”. This is a great option right?!

But this is not a good option because it does not provide a solution if the problem happens again and it makes the solution come from an external factor that you do not have a control on which is your girlfriend.

The right solution to such a problem is to stop attaching your self worth to what people or your ex think of you. Do not let her or anyone determine your value as a man simply because you are the only one who has the rights and can determine your own worth… Are you with me or what?!

The second benefit is: Confidence is the number one trait that attracts a woman to a man. That said, you will improve your dating life so if you didn’t manage to bring back your ex girlfriend then you will manage to get many other women and most of them will be better than your ex. In order to get back ex-girlfriend, one of the options is to catch the current boyfriend cheating on her. The availability of the effective results in the methods is with the help of https://medium.com/@normanlinkous/how-to-catch-a-cheating-spouse-738beada9722 site. The understanding of the information available at the site is necessary to meet with the best results.  

4) Understand the real reason you want to get her back.

You may be telling yourself that this point is not for you and you do not have to think about the real reason you want to get your ex girlfriend back because you are sure that you want to get her back simply because you love her!

Well think again!

Maybe it is your ego. Maybe you just want to feel worthy.

Another possibility is that you do not want people to say that you have been dumped.

Anyway, the rule is:

5) Understand the real reason for the break up

Have you did something wrong?? Lied or cheated on her? Or you do not even know??

Break ups happen for many reasons but a break up is an indicator that a relationship cannot work as long as the current situation remains the same. This simply means that as long as the reasons for the break up keep happening, the break up will keep happening as well.

There are many reasons for a break up, but the most common two are too much attention (you was needy) and too less attention (you ignored her or ignored the relationship), but anyway you have to understand the core reason behind a break up and if you find that it is related to you, then work on solving it.

However, if it is related to her or it is her responsibility that you broke up with each other, then guess what?! You do not have to correct your ex’s mistakes!

If she tried to correct her mistakes, then you have the right to think and decide to give her another chance or not. But if it is her mistake, then you do not have to even read this post. Just go find another woman that really deserves your love.

Trying to bring your ex girlfriend back is like any other thing you try to do. Both success and failure are viable options. And while the above advice may increase your chances of getting her back, failure is still an option. All you have to do is to try and never attach your failure to your self worth or to the idea that she is better than you and so is rejecting you… This is not true and you know it deep in your heart.

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