5 Mistakes You Might Be Making On Facebook Right Now

Have you ever wondered why people are ‘unliking’ your page or even worse, being somewhat negative about it?

 Below are five things you might be doing or have done even just once that might be hindering you from going forward

  1. Self-promoting too much

 Easy with the selling. Facebook is not for direct selling. Facebook is about communities. To achieve this you must not post about your products or services constantly. Rather, offer valuable content to your audience. Share your knowledge with them. This way they will stay, engage and ultimately buy from you because they have learned to trust you and see you as an expert in your field.

  1. Ignore people’s comments

 If someone is kind enough to comment on your posts please thank them or reply if they are asking something. I see so many people ignoring this and then complaining that they’re not getting any business from Facebook. Ask yourself this: if you ask someone a question and they ignore you, will you continue following that person? Maybe if they ignore you one, but twice? No, you wouldn’t! Even if what they ask or say doesn’t seem like they want to buy anything from you right now, please answer them. They might become your best customer in the future! If you don’t have time because you are working consider outsourcing your social media to a professional like us so you don’t miss these comments and lose potential business.

  1. Break group rules

 Try to read group rules before you post. Very often these groups are created for information and help so be careful when self promoting. Some groups let you self promote on certain days of the week only and if you break the rule you face being removed and blocked so it is really important to read the About section first. Also, groups are usually happy for you to post advice in your field and this will help you get known for what you do better than self promoting posts. This is true either if you are creating new posts or commenting on other people’s questions/posts.

  1. Speak in a way that belittles yourself or others

 Please don’t do this… If you speak in a way that belittles yourself you will just come across as someone who lacks confidence and has low self esteem. This is a problem because people tend to admire and follow confident people. Sometimes it may be ok if you are just joking but what I find is that when you write it and can’t show your body language to support the fact that it is a joke you might be misinterpreted and people might unfollow you. This is also true for belittling others so be very careful.

  1. Be a ‘nodding dog’

 Don’t just agree with everything and everyone just because you are interested in their business. Always be true to yourself and don’t be afraid to disagree with someone. Just don’t take anything personally, be courteous, appropriate and polite. Showing your personality and some of your views will make people see you as a real person rather than just a picture on Facebook with a voice that doesn’t stand out in anyway. Do avoid getting into big disagreements though, sometimes it’s better to just leave it especially if you are dealing with someone who seems to be taking things personally. 

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