3 Great Solutions On How To Fix A Broken Relationship

If you are one of those whose romantic relationship is presently undergoing a lot of trouble, then note that immediately breaking up without even trying to research about the best solutions on how to fix a broken relationship is not a good idea. Separating ways can be very painful especially if you and your partner have already shared a lot of great memories together for several years. Fortunately, there is a great abundance of information on how a romantic relationship can be saved regardless of the severity of its problems. All it takes is for you and your partner to spend some time figuring out which solution can work for your specific circumstances.

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To Fix or Not to Fix

Before attempting to fix the damage in your relationship, it is also crucial for you to decide if it is really worth repairing. You have to find out if the two of you still share the same love and if you can still bring back the trust and respect into the relationship in case it is really saved. It is also essential to note that love alone is not enough to make a relationship work. There are also other factors that can make it more long-lasting including commitment, respect, trust, faithfulness and openness. You will also know that the relationship is worth fixing if you realize that the pleasure of getting back together outweigh the anger and pain that you have felt in the past and if the two of you are willing to forgive and put all the past issues behind. To further help you decide to fix or not to fix, please read our article “10 ways to decide if the relationship is worth fighting for“.

Time Away

One of the greatest how to fix a broken relationship solution is to give each other time and space. Those who have experienced separation often advise couples who are facing a lot of issues in their relationship to give each other time and space before trying to do anything to save whatever it is that they believe is worthy to be saved. The amount of time needed to heal and recover from the pain should be at least one month. If you still love your partner, then you should boost your resolve to stop yourself from calling or texting your ex during the period of separation. The reason behind this is that the cause of your breakup is still fresh in both your hearts and minds and this might get in the way of your discussion. You should try to talk after a certain period of separation since this will ensure a more relaxed discussion once you decide to meet each other again. Read our article “How to give space to each other” for more details.


Another solution on fixing a broken relationship is to focus on yourself instead of putting all the blame on your ex. You have to take time to examine yourself and how you have contributed to the breakup. You should remember that you have your faults as well. You should also reflect on the specific reason why your romance has ended. It is also advisable for you to determine the specific things that you find pleasurable about your relationship and the specific things that make you unsatisfied and unhappy. You have to carefully weigh all these things so you will know if the romance deserves to be rekindled. While reflecting on these things, it is crucial for you to try living your life the best way you can by socializing, getting new clothes or having a new haircut since it can help in bringing out a more confident and independent you. For more on the subject, please read our article “How to evaluate yourself and the relationship“.

It’s a Two-Way Street

The third solution on how to fix a broken relationship is to build a more open communication. After at least one month of not being together, you can start to do a few steps that will let you reach out to your ex. One way is to call him/her so you will know if he/she is still willing to talk to you and meet you in an environment which is neutral for the two of you. When discussing about the issues in your relationship, you have to make sure that you avoid using bitter or harsh words. You should also be willing to listen since this is very critical in restoring your relationship. For more information, check out our article “4 simple steps on how to save your relationship” and “a dummy’s guide on how to fix my relationship“.

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